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Rules and Starting Guide 2.22

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Table of Contents
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[+] Table of Contents and Quick Find Codes
1: Pokémon Voyage General Rules

->1a: Discipline Policies

2: Pokémon Basics

->2a: Getting Started

->2b: Building Your Party!

->2c: Understanding Your Pokémon

3: Topic Review System

4: Posting Guidelines

5: Common Objectives

->5a: Pokémon League

->5b: Pokémon Contests
Pokémon Voyage General Rules
These are standard rules of etiquette and conduct on pretty much every roleplaying forum.
[+] Forum Rules
  • Be friendly to other Roleplayers. They're here for the same reason you are: to have fun. Nobody likes a whiner, flamer or troll. Please be respectful!
  • Having multiple accounts is unacceptable. Anybody caught with more than one account will incur BOTH accounts being permanently banned, period. DO NOT create multiple Cbox accounts.
  • We do not condone excessive profanity. We'll allow for the odd cuss if your character has a vulgar disposition, but try to simmer down sometimes.
  • Please separate game events you are posting from things that are not being said by your character by using "OOC" (out of character) spoilers. Remember that every IC post needs an IC summary in a summary spoiler.
  • If you see someone disobey the rules, report the post so we can deal with it. A lot of rule-breakers are either new to the system, or people who trip over the odd obscure rule. In those cases, we'll give you a friendly little kick in the ass in the proper direction.
  • Avatars should not be wider than 120 pixels to avoid stretching the board. There is no file size constraint, but they must conform to the ZetaBoards' Terms of Service.
  • Signatures may not not be excessively tall and can not stretch the forum horizontally.
  • Character Purges occur from time to time, depending on the number of inactive accounts. If your account has been inactive for at least sixty days, unless a valid reason has been given, your character can be deleted. However, if you catch more than one Pokémon, your character will be safe. So if you decide to rejoin the board at a later date, you will be good to go.
  • Finally, READ THE RULES AGAIN. Read this entire thread twice; keep it open for future reference. Print it out. Go to bed with it. Snuggle it tight. Learn it, use it, taste it, breathe it - BE the rules. Use the search button located at the upper right (on default skin) when you have questions and if all else fails please don't hesitate to ask around the Cbox. Mostly we want you to be familiar with how things work here - since the info has been made available all over the site and Wiki, you should find everything you need to get started fairly easily.
[+] General Roleplaying Rules
  • Do not lag unexpectedly. We want this game to operate as fast as possible. In the event we can't do that, we want to expect obstacles. If you're going somewhere, notify the board in the Welcome/Goodbye section, we'll keep your character safe and warm. Seventy two hours is a general rule of thumb: if you don't respond within three days, the people you are playing with may skip over you and continue or even write you out of the topic.
  • Your Pokémon and Trainer are considered to be separate entities in a topic. Try not to confuse one with the other.
  • Your Pokémon and Trainer should only be in one topic at one moment in time. This is to provide consistency instead of topic jumping and keeping things in line to avoid liquid time canon issues. Additionally, you must travel from location to location in order unless you have a travel item. Use the Maps to plot out your travel plan.
  • Do not put up one post topics, they clutter the forums. This means that if you want to pass through a city or location to get to another, you have to actually roleplay there unless you have bought a Bike or another location skipping item.
  • Godmodding is not allowed. You are responsible for your own character, so don't unfairly control the circumstances of anyone else's character, NPC, or the environment/world. Mod approved nods will be given in special circumstances such as: (Your character) does something drastic and you describe that (NPCs) stare at (Your character). These kinds of flavor texts are to be expected in a previously-described or reasonably-assumed full room or area. However, as a player, you cannot magically spawn NPCs to stare at you like the mod can. When in doubt, ask.
  • Do not godmode (AKA powergame) either. Having a unnaturally strong character will result in the suspension of your character's actions. Godmoding is usually attributed to super strength, speed, defense and charisma. Yes, this IS Pokémon, but we are not running by the game stats, which means your Salamence CANNOT two hit knock out anything that moves... usually. MOST Pokémon cannot destroy buildings with a single punch, so don't have your Dugtrio level a city with a single Earthquake. If Pokémon could all cause that level of destruction, the planet wouldn't last for a MINUTE. We play fairly realistically here - we assume you know the basics. When in doubt - ask.
  • This board uses the PokéDollar as its general currency. Money can be earned in a number of ways in-context; challenge other Trainers and earn prize money for winning, doing jobs, participating in competitions, and even participating in Staff-made events designed to offer you money!
  • Of course, SPENDING the money you earn is also up to you. You can buy items from a local PokéMart or store (conveniently located in a topic for each city), make deals with other members, or even track down Vendors and purchase unique items found nowhere else!
  • If you have a few extra bucks, you can donate to the site by using the bottom of the site to buy *poke* 1,000 for a dollar. In addition to helping out, you get the Benefactor Achievement.
  • Due to the terms of service set by Zetaboards, we can have no reproduction ceremony. Sorry. If any characters have a "romantic" nightlong encounter, then the scene must be skipped to the morning after. It is presumed that they were not interrupted while rocking the kasbah.
  • Our site's role-playing system is a GMed based, in which Judges or Staff Members act out the Non-Player Characters, Wild Pokémon, events, and pretty much anything that is not your character which allows for a somewhat unpredictable outcome in the topic. However, you may want to grab a buddy and travel together for double the fun.
  • You cannot under any circumstances RP as a Pokémon without a Trainer, a mixture of a Pokémon and a human, or with any new Pokémon that you made up. YOU CAN, however, ask mods to generate plots tailored to your character's growth or plots that affect the site. You cannot ask for specific Pokémon or specific encounters though.
  • Keep in mind that technology in the Pokémon Voyage world is more fluid and advanced than current-age technology - though it is suffice to say these things aren't usually in the public's hands. For example - technology that earth's societies are developing currently that you may see in magazines such as "Popular Science" or even as plot points in the Pokémon anime do/mostly exist as fully functional in PV. We do still adhere to the basics of reality - not everyone's seen one, not everyone has one, not everyone can buy one. Criminals, government officials, high-ranking army officials, scientists, etc; these are the main types to have technology such as silent aircraft, sonar devices, cloaking devices, etc.

    Just remember: as a player, you will encounter new things and find new ways for your character to develop and adapt. Once you are familiar with the system, you may even have a place as a Judge or Moderator - and your experimentation with these new concepts can really go places! But as always, if your thread's devices seem TOO far-fetched, ask about it! Staff is here to make sure your experience on PV runs smoothly.
  • Summaries are to be added at the end of every post in a spoiler. These describe what has happened in a post so new mods or character introduced can do a quick scan of the topic and reply quickly. Summaries also aide Topic Reviews by providing a "check list" of significant events or EXP/item gains.
[+] Posting Rules
  • With your character, post a new topic in a forum representing one of the games many areas. The first post in this topic will describe your character's dialogue and actions. If you're moving to a new location, it is prudent to make a new topic elsewhere, and link the two together with a hyperlink. That way, people playing with you will know to follow too.
  • If an RP topic already exists, you may have your character join in by responding to the other player's topic.
  • Gameplay is achieved through repeated replies between two or more players. This could be a friendly chat, all-out combat, etc.
  • There will also be times when characters will have to solve puzzles, find objects/people, that kind of thing. Exactly WHAT you do in an RP topic can be almost anything.
  • Any Judge or Staff member can moderate any topic, including ones that where previously moderated by someone else.
  • If a fellow player does not post in your topic for three days, you are allowed to write them out of the story.
  • If you get stuck, don't be afraid to ask another player to step in and play with you!
  • If you need a Moderator after forty eight hours or more of inactivity, use the Mod Me! topic.
Discipline Policies
  • The first offense almost always results in a warning. Being rude and godmod(d)ing will usually only result in a verbal warning, via PM or IM, but spamming and large arguments usually result in an official board warning.
  • Large spam attacks, trolling, massive godmod(d)ing and the like may result in permanent bans.
  • The second offense may result in another warning, or being banned for twenty four hours.
  • A third offense usually results in a forty eight to seventy two hour ban. You will lose access to the board, and the CBox if it becomes a problem.
  • Any attempts to get around a banning or excessive drama over a ban may result in a permanent ban. Basically...
Pokémon Training: The Basics
This world is widely inhabited by creatures called Pokémon, which are the equivalent of what wild animals are in the real world. These creatures are quite varied in shapes, sizes, and overall natures, and so far over six hundred different kinds have been discovered worldwide. They are also all quite powerful in their own rights, with few or no exceptions, which has caused human society to focus around capturing and forming bonds of friendship with them. Some people work alongside Pokémon, using their unique talents to make their jobs easier. Others prefer to fight, pitting Pokémon against one another in friendly scrapping matches. There are many facets to the world of Pokémon, and these rules will hopefully hammer out the basics to Pokémon Training:
Starting Out
Before doing anything, you should FIRST read EVERY single word of the rules here. You should know something in the Rules before you RP here, so read EVERY WORD. Once doing so, you should chat with us so that we get to know you more and make you feel welcome. Then, you can go make yourself a character by using the template in the Character Approval forum. Once you do that, link your profile to your signature for easy access. A staff member will look over your profile, tell you to make changes if needed, then move your profile to the Accepted Characters forum if you meet all the requirements.

Here are a few tips for making a character:
  • The game is non canon so while foreign regions exist, people and locations from the games/anime/etc. do not exist. As well, we prefer not to name other non-PV-made-up-for-app-regions as that makes them somewhat canon. Be like the backpacker from X/Y and reference (if this is where you choose to have your character from) as simply "another region". IC this will be tricky for your character to explain to others as you cannot directly influence canon when it defers to regions. It's better off if you make your character from Kanji or Lire - but the alternative is workable. If you have questions, please ask in the Cbox before submitting an "out of region" character.
  • Because there has been a lot of confusion and potential abuse, the use of the Psychic and Medium/Channeler Trainer Classes are banned. If you are a returning member and are currently listed as one of them, please change it at your next profile modification.

    Psychic-Type Pokémon, integral to these banned classes, have been revamped in a way that may help you decide how to change your class or integrate a new character background. Psychic-Types and You lists off what abilities Psychic-Types do and do not have and also lists what breeds of Pokémon are able to communicate with and without psychic power, even if they are not Psychic-types.
  • You do not have any PokéWatch Apps or Contacts.
  • You may only have the items listed in your inventory, no more, no less.
Every Trainer has to start somewhere, and that first step is taken alongside a Starter Pokémon! A Starter Pokémon, naturally, is the first partner ever taken by a fledgling Trainer. Whether it is given as a gift, given to you by a local Pokémon Laboratory, or even caught in the wild, that first Pokémon will often become the core of a Trainer's career.

Regardless of how it is obtained, a Starter Pokémon tends to be a local in the area it is given. In simpler terms, your Starter will likely be a native of the area around your hometown. While Pokémon Labs DO often have a selection of imported Pokémon to give to Trainers, most people will stick with home-grown friends. A list of non laboratory Starter Pokemon can be found in the topic named "Common Starter List " which is right here. Oh, and no Starter Pokémon is shiny, EVER.
Building Your Party
Once you have your Starter, you can set off into the world to catch even more Pokémon, and build an entire superstar team! But wait, there's a few rules you need to learn before you start!

First off, you need to get a nifty little device called a Pokémon Capture Capsule Ball, or Poké Ball for short! It's a fist-sized ball that contains a small pocket dimension modeled as the perfect environment for wild Pokémon... yeah, try not to think about it too hard, the technology is VERY complex. Poké Balls can ONLY be used to store Pokémon: any other object cannot interact with the unique energy conversion process used by- yeah, again, don't think about it too hard. Suffice to say, Pokémon ONLY. No objects, no items, no humans. Period.

Anyhoo, you got some Balls? Then it's time to catch a Pokémon! Head off into the wilderness! If you're lucky, you'll run into a Wild Pokémon! How you ready it for capture is up to you. You can challenge it to a fight and defeat it before capture, you can beat it in a game of wits, or you can even just TALK to it and see if it's friendly! Don't be RECKLESS, though. Attacking a Pokémon right off the bat can have dangerous results, and not EVERY Pokémon is a friendly forest critter. Their dispositions, motivations, and personalities are as varied as their forms and powers, so adapt to the situation if you intend to be the ultimate Trainer!

There are a few ways that you can capture a Pokémon here at PV. The first of which is if the Pokémon decides to come with you willingly after a bit of persuasion. If it does, then congratulations you have caught your very first Pokémon and are on your way! If not, then prepare for battle because the most effective way to capture a Pokémon is to weaken it first. Just like the games, the lower the HP, the greater chance there is for capture. Furthermore, if you faint the opposing Pokémon, there will be a 100% capture rate, but keep in mind that in choosing to capture it you forfeit any EXP rewards from that battle. That's right, even though you normally gain EXP when you catch a Pokémon, you will not gain any if it is knocked out. On top of that, the Pokémon will remain knocked out and will be completely useless until it is given proper medical attention.

Finally, you've caught a Pokémon! Add it to your team, and if you want, catch another one! You can have up to six Pokémon in your team; excess Pokémon are transported to your PC Box at the Pokémon Center and stored for your convenience. Be careful, though: neglect is not looked kindly upon! Not interacting with your Pokémon may lead to them not minding you in battle. So be sure to give all your Pokémon love and care. For more information on Happiness, refer to the Happiness thread.

Oh and before you all ask, you will never ever ever ever EVER catch a Legendary Pokemon. There is only one of each and they are, you know, legendary. You'll be lucky to even see one... if they exist. Do they exist? Ah, who cares. Silly legends, right?
Understanding Your Pokémon
Okay, so what skills and abilities does your Pokémon have? Well, every Pokémon is different, and to know exactly what YOURS can do, you should check out the PokéDex for more information! For now, however, a rudimentary explanation of terms.

The basis of all things about a Pokémon is its Level. A Pokémon's Level represents its prowess and Experience, and as it battles and grows, its Level climbs higher, producing a number of wondrous effects in the process, such as learning Moves and Evolving. A Pokémon's Level is determined by its Experience. Whenever a Pokémon defeats another in battle, it will gain Experience Points equal to the opponent's Level, whatever it may be. However, when battling a Wild Pokémon, if you successfully catch it without knocking it out, you will gain half of its level in Experiences rounded down. The amount of Experience required to level up varies depending on the Pokémon's current Level and Experience.
  • Levels one through nine require half their own Level's worth rounded up for odd-numbered Levels and half of their own Level's worth plus one for even Levels.
    Example: A Level five Pokémon with zero Experience defeats a Level five Pokémon, it will gain five Experience Points. Because its EXP is now five, greater than half its Level, the Pokémon grows to Level six, and its gauge resets. The remaining 2.5 EXP is rounded down to two and the Pokémon now needs two more points to advance to Level seven. Here is a chart for your reference:
Level Sets
  • Levels ten through thirty require their own Level's worth.
    Example: A Level twenty Pokémon will take twenty experience points to level up to Level twenty one and then it will take twenty one experience points to level up.
  • Levels thirty one through sixty require twice their Level's worth.
    Example: A Level forty four Pokémon will take eighty eight experience points to level up to Level forty five and it then will take ninety experience points to level up.
  • Levels sixty one through one hundred require three times their Level's worth.
    Example: A Level seventy Pokémon will need two hundred and ten experience to grow to Level seventy one. Then it will then take two hundred and thirteen experience points for the Pokémon to level up.
  • A Pokémon's Level reaches its Maximum at Level one hundred, and cannot grow any further after that point is reached.
Additionally, in the case of Double Battles, when a Pokémon faints the two victors split the EXP between themselves, one-half each, regardless if one has fainted or not. If the results are skewed with (.5 EXP) then you must split the EXP unevenly based on a roll, an agreement, or a mod roll. Whichever works for you.

When you catch a wild Pokemon, you will receive half of the experience that you would have by defeating it normally!

Please note that if you knock the Pokemon out, you may still only choose to catch it or gain experience[/list]

Finally, Bonus EXP is awarded at the end of a battle from certain conditions:
Bonus EXP Requirements wrote:Against The Odds Bonus: The Pokémon gains five EXP per defeated foe whose Level is five or more higher than its own, but only if it wins!

Sweep Bonus: In a Trainer battle, the Pokémon gains one EXP for each enemy Pokémon beyond the first that it has managed to defeat consecutively.

Team Tutor Bonus: All Pokémon automatically gain bonus EXP if the player uses a Pokémon of the same type on his team during the fight. The bonus gained is equal to the number of same-type Pokémon used during that battle, to a maximum of five (Pokémon who are not sent out do not count towards the bonus).

All bonus experience must be kept track of by the player and must be told to the Mod if they forget to add it to the EXP that you obtained in that battle. A Summary at the end of each post should be sufficient for keeping track.
Finally, there is Evolution. This is the wonderful transformation that occurs when a Pokémon reaches a certain Level, or under other certain conditions. Once these conditions are met, unless the Pokémon is holding an Everstone, it will evolve as dictated by its Pokédex Entry, transforming into an improved adult creature. For example, at Level sixteen, a Bulbasaur will grow into an Ivysaur. Evolution is a complex process, different for every Pokémon; please refer to the PokéDex to see the particulars of a given Pokémon's evolution.
Topic Review System
Once you are done with your topic, post here so that a mod can check over it. Once the mod checks over your topic, they will respond with another post, concluding the whole topic with rewards. How the mods give you the rewards is basically all up to them. But, the better and more creative your posts are in the topic, the more awarding it will be to you. Mods will reward you with more EXP Points that you can divide between your Pokémon, and more PokéDollars.

We have set the system so that everyone can efficiently gain EXP and money. Time and effort is essential when you post in your topics. Length and quality is better on the whole than numerous and frenzied short which are not of the same quality as the former posts. You must spend your time on these posts and make it clear. If you butcher your post, do not expect a lot of rewards. Your rewards will be penalized if the topic has five posts or less or if it’s an incomplete topic.

Concerning how mods grade your topic, each have their own special and unique way in doing so. Each person is graded based on four categories: Creativity, Writing Skill, Topic Quality, and RP Ability. Points are calculated from all four categories, and each person is ranked from a scale of zero to five stars. An example of an excellent rewarded topic can be this:
wrote:Ash Ketchum
Rank: Five Stars (WOW!)
EXP: 120 EXP Points
PokéDollars: *poke* 800
If you follow all the rules and keep yourself in a creative level, you will be pleasurably rewarded. Keep note that as your Pokémon become stronger, we become more strict when we review you. Another thing to note, any Judge or Staff member who mods a topic can also receive rewards. Though, their rewards will be significantly lower than what a player would usually earn.
Posting Guidelines
Keeping up with topics is hard work and tracking everyone's posts to note changes such as items purchased and EXP gained can be tough work. These short guidelines are going to help anyone that reads your topic understand what is going on and will also log significant changes to player characters.
  • Every time a player posts anything related to cash transactions and battles, they are to provide a Turn Summary in either a Quote or a Spoiler.
  • For cash transactions, Turn Summaries must include items purchased or sold and the money that was gained or lost after the transaction. Make sure that the values of the items are adjacent to them and include a sum of all transactions at the end of the list.
  • For battles, Turn Summaries are to note Moves and Abilities used as well as HP/Stamina gained and lost and significant changes to the battlefield made by the player.
Common Objectives
The world of Pokémon is a vast place, but some players may feel that exploring is not enough. With that in mind, here are the most common objectives of Trainers as they set out on their journey: Everyone starts off in the "Undecided" group and they will stay there until they notify a Staff Member through the Chat Box if they wish to be a standard Trainer or a Coordinator. Undecideds can not change their avatar or signature, send PMs, or view profiles.

It is important to note that a character's motivations are CERTAINLY not limited to what you are about to read. However, the vast majority of Trainers tend to follow these set paths, and many of them may actually overlap with your own goals, so keep an open mind.

NOTE: Trainers can compete in Contests and Coordinators can fight Gym Leaders.

However, there is an additional challenge for those that want to give it a shot. Both Kanji and Lire participate in the Public Trainer Rankings. Any Trainer or Coordinator can request to be ranked on this list and they can compete with other listed Trainer for the glorious title of Rank S!

The Pokémon League
The Pokémon League, also known as the Pokémon Gym Challenge, is a quest undertaken by many Trainers aiming to be the best. The test is simple: travel around the world and visit Pokémon Gyms. The goal is to defeat the Gym Leaders in each Gym, and collect eight Badges, each from a different Leader. Once you've collected all eight of your Badges, you qualify as a challenger to the Elite Four, and are thus eligible to be crowned as Champion should you pass their test.

Don't think it's easy, though! The Gym Leaders are among the most powerful Trainers on the planet, each specializing in a single Pokémon type. Strategy and determination are the key to beating them, though it often comes down to dumb luck as much as skill. The Elite Four are even stronger than the Gym Leaders; only those who have beaten at least eight Gyms would come even CLOSE to matching their power.

So, how do Gym Leader challenges work? Well, here's the lowdown on them.

[li]Gym Leaders are assumed to have Pokémon teams with an average Level of sixty. However, they enjoy a challenge, so they will often hold back against weaker Trainers starting at Level twenty. In an Officially Gym Match, a Gym Leader's Pokémon will all be at the same Level as the challenger's strongest Pokémon. (What they do IC is scale their power to match the power of a Trainer's toughest Pokémon according to an Official Pokémon League Connoisseur's evaluation). The Gym Pokémon's Innate Moves will depend on their adjusted Level, and they may only use one of their Learned Moves per ten Levels they have attained: For example, a Level thirty Gym Pokémon may only have three Learned Moves, and won't be able to use any Innate Moves that are learned beyond Level thirty.

[li]Gym Matches tend to be All-Out Matches: both combatants use every Pokémon they have in their current teams, and ring-outs (switches) will be considered forfeiture of the current round. Exceptions can be made depending on circumstance, of course. If a player has less than six Pokémon, the Leader may opt to only use that many of their own team as well.

[li]If the player wins, they receive that Gym's Badge. Once the player obtains all eight badges from that region's Gyms they will be able to tackle the Pokemon League! Well after they pass through Victory Road of course...

[li]Finally, all Gym Matches require a Staff Member to participate as a GM.

The Elite Four work a bit differently. First of all, their Pokémon's Levels average out at Level eighty, and they do NOT hold back against challengers. Once a challenge to the Pokémon League has been made, the player must challenge the Elite Four in a set order, one by one. If the player loses at any point, his/her challenge is stricken from the record as if it never happened, and the player can opt to try again. Defeating the Elite Four leads to the final opponent... The Pokémon Champion! The player must challenge the Champion for the right to the title. The victor becomes the Champion, with all of the prestige that the title brings.

The road to the Championship is long and arduous. But we're certain somebody will climb it someday...

Pokémon Contests
Some people don't like battles. Some people instead like to dress their Pokémon up and put on performances in front of large crowds for fame and money. This is the world of Pokémon Contests. Again, even if you are listed as a Trainer, you can still compete in Pokémon Contests. For the Contest Rules, please read this topic.
Well, that's the end of our humble little Rules topic. We hope you had fun reading, and will have even MORE fun playing! Now hop onto the Chat Box and meet some new friends to fully experience the world of Pokémon Voyage!
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