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July 2014

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Hello PVers,

First of all before we get into anything I want to thank you all for your immeasurable patience with our recent Staff hiccup. As you all might know already, this time of year has been difficult for the Admins. I won't get into the details, I just want to thank you all for sticking with us through our RL transitions. Perfect, you're all perfect.

A special thanks to Drake for keeping us updated and in line, and to the rest of you who have been working your asses off in our absence. Thank you, really. I mean it from my gibblies.

Speaking of gibblies, it seems to be about that time again for a nifty News Update. Because of our absence, Staff has decided to award everyone. Yaaas, everyone. There have been a great lot of goings on lately on-site, and many things yet to be updated and events to be cleared out SO. To ease into the wonderful Summer, I'll make this reward a simple piece to cash. Very simple, yepper. For your wonderful belief in PV, we've decided to grant ya'll:
  • 5 Greatballs (Thanks for being great, obviously)
  • 1 Rare Candy
  • 10 EXP to the Pokémon of your choice, and,
  • An entire month of double rewards. Double rewards, yes, a whole month. For the month of July, we're offering double battle exp, double jobs exp, double random event EXP, and double the EXP gained from OOC events such as RPoTM. I know, I know, it's all just too much. Try to contain yourselves. This doesn't apply to EXP gained in topic rewards, BUT. We will throw in a DOUBLE 1st place prize for RPoTM since we missed the last month. For futher details, please see The General Forum.
Go post to claim your rewards. You have until Monday, July the 14th for this month's exclusive prizes.
Also on the docket are the new and fancy Event Pokemon! Check them out in Kurai City, Oust City, and of course in every other Pokémon Centre in the Regions.

The streets in every town and city across Kanji and Lire are crowded for the Independence Day events. Stalls are set up, permeating the air with the scent of freshly made food and sparklers are generously handed out - for free! Grab a few streamers and toss them in the air, or perhaps you can check out the special games area for awesome one-of-a-kind prizes! Not into games? How about a snazzy parade? If that's not your schtick, maybe you'd like to watch a team of Braviary take to the skies in a dazzling aerial show? And speaking of Pokémon... where you want it, when you want it, this year's Independence Day Promotional Pokémon will help your heart soar with patriotic expression!

But wait, there's a catch. A speech of one hundred and fifty words or more is required! A very rare Rufflet will be offered to those with enough courage to stand in front of their countrymen and speak about why they are a proud Lire or Kanji patriot. Do you have what it takes for this special little guy?
General Event Pokémon
HP and Stamina

Lvl. 5 Event Rufflet
HP: 50/50

Stamina: 50/50
Gender: ?
Type: Normal/Flying
[+] Sheer Force
The user raises the base damage of all attacking moves that have a secondary effect by thirty percent, but their secondary effects are ignored including the reduction of a foe's stat, increasing the user's stat, or causing a status condition.

Sheer Force does not negate recoil, stat reductions for the user, moves that never miss, moves that change power, and multi hit moves.
Item: None
[+] Moves
1. Peck
3. Leer
5. Fury Attack
[+] Learned Moves
- Roost
I'd also like to mention that the Adoptables tableau will remain until the end of August thanks to the late update. Yay~

One LAST note: Thank you. Have fun.

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PVers, important and good update here. Yes, we all like.

These are the complete sprites we will be using for gen six. Save for a few new Pokémon that have not been completely sprited yet, they are all there. All credits to Smogon and those who gave us permissions to use them for our project. Apologies to Staff whose hard work had been derailed (thread/common starters/etc etc) by the link breaks to previous images. I've moved the images in their entirety to a new host (officialpokemonvoyage on Photobucket) so we can feel safe knowing that we are stable.

Feel free to keep the thread bookmarked - unfortunately there is no easy way to link directly to the images without going through Smogon (which broke last time). Thus, inserting an image for the new gen into your RP will just have to be an extra skip and hop than we're used to until they release the sprites completely through other image hosting sites.

Thank you for your patience. Also, the JULY Double Event has been merged into the JULY/AUGUST double event. You're welcome. Kiss my toes later. Please remember to use summaries to denote that this event has started and when it has ended so reviewers are not studying the dates of posts. It is quite difficult to review and keep an eye on the little things. Thank you, and have fun~ (Now you have another week to sign up for the exclusive rewards, just to be fair methinks. All applications for rewards must be submitted by Friday, July the 25th.)
Also I forgot to mention... These graphics are mostly uncolored now, so this is a cute little preview. I will make up something special for them in time, but for now it's a nice little flavor, right? I will shrink this overblown art (I forgot it was so big) and make a likewise banner for above the text during Starter RPs and during all and any interaction with the Professors. When I have the time is the caveat. Let me know if you are interested in filling in the lines with flat color though, I have a bunch of sketches waiting to be inked and I think flat color would be the best option for now.
Say hello to Professor Bonsai!

PS: I also wanted to let you know that the MoveDex and AbilityDex have been updated.
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