The Way of the Dragon

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July 29th, 2018, 4:11 am #1

In the world of pokemon, dragon trainers have gone through quite a few changes over the generations. In the first two generations, there were only four species of dragons, so there wasn't much variation for trainers that specialize in them. So, what was their solution? They worked with other types of pokemon that could either learn dragon-type moves or have dragon-like qualities. The best examples of this could be seen in Pokemon Stadium 2, with the teams of Lance and Clair. However, I did find it strange that Arcanine qualified at the time.

Apparently, in the main games, they both learned this technique from the same place, the Dragon's Den in Blackthorn City. This method of training for gym leaders and elite four members seems pretty good on paper. Too bad that Lance and Clair's main game counterparts decided to make it to where they're easily defeated by, not only ice-types, but anything with dragon moves outside of Dragon Rage, and fairies in later generations.

Ever since generation 3, when we started getting a lot more dragons, it seems we find a lot more dragon masters that have thrown out the idea of keeping multiple types and possibly covering weaknesses to go with an entire team of the same base type. Now, in current generations, all it takes is a Clefairy to send them running. All of this makes it feel like they have taken steps backward and are still leaving a lot of untapped potential to become an elite group of opponents that could add a little more difficulty to the games. On top of that, they could remind us that dragon-types are not the only dragons among the hundreds of species of pokemon.

I'd like to see more stuff like this in battles with the games, but I doubt they'll bring that back outside of remakes. So, instead, I think I might want to work on a set of features that is gained from training by the master of the Dragon's Den in the art of overcoming some of the weaknesses that the others face and tapping into dragonic powers within their pokemon. What do you guys think? Any suggestions on working with something like this?