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Grovyle (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time Darkness and Sky) wrote:I have no quarrels with you, but I will be taking that TimeGear!
I am going to TAFE for a year now to study a Diploma of Software Development, so I wont have much time to work on this project... But I will try an release a new version every month or two depending on my schedule...
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I will update this list with all the releases as they come out
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A0.0.0.1: Added Pokedex & Move Dex Stuff
Alpha_0.0.0.2: Completed Pokedex & Move Dex
Alpha_0.0.0.3: Quality of Life Improvements and Import Export Functions (Not Roll 20 Support)
Alpha_0.0.0.4: Application Auto Updating through the launcher
Alpha_0.0.0.5: Hot Fix
Alpha_0.0.0.6: Battle Effect Preview & SaveData Update!
Alpha_0.0.0.7: Pokemon Character Sheet Preview
Alpha_0.0.0.8: Client & Server Preview
Alpha_0.0.0.9: Client Pokedex Example & Development Upgrade
Alpha_0.0.0.10: Client & Server Preview with Working Pokedex. Sprites and More
Alpha_0.0.0.11: Added telemetry to catch and kill bugs
Alpha_0.0.0.12: Telemetry Hot Fix!
Alpha_0.0.0.13: New Save Manager Preview
Alpha_0.0.0.14: Bugs Patched and added entity list to Client
Alpha_0.0.0.15: Bugs Patched and added Users and Identity Management to SE and Character Sheets in the Client
Alpha_0.0.0.16: Fixes & Rate Limiting
Alpha_0.0.0.17: Custom Pokemon Typing, Previewing Resources by hovering over the item, Bug Fixes and probably some other stuff

Upcoming Releases
Beta_0.0.1.1 (Releasing: End of May): Battle System (No Range) With automated effects e.c.t, Complete Character Management
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