The Heart Gauge and "special" Pokemon

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Two new systems have just been implemented in the RPG battle system, and they serve as a way for trainers to gain an edge over their opponents, or possibly turn a battle around on its head!
I'll cover all the necessary aspects of it here.


The Speed Gauge

In any Pokemon battle (be it a wild Pokemon or a trainer), your Pokemon will have something called a "Speed Gauge", a bit of an "assist system" to help your Pokemon out. Please note - in any battle, all Pokemon each have their own Speed Gauge, except for wild Pokemon. Legendary Pokemon, however, do have a Speed Gauge. (Also note, it is the mod's decision whether or not you'll have a Speed Gauge. Generally, only the more important battles, such as against gym leaders or legendary Pokemon, should have Speed Gauges. Of course, it's all the mod's decision, but if you specifically ask for it, it will be included.)

How does it work?

At the start of a battle, as soon as a Pokemon is sent out, the Speed Gauge starts at 0%. (The Speed Gauge for that Pokemon will also reset if it is switched out.) Depending on a Pokemon's performance in battle, the Speed Gauge will increase, until it caps at 100%. The increases are as follows, depending on what move the Pokemon uses:

+10% if the Pokemon uses an offensive move and it hits the target, and it's neutrally effective
+5% if it was not very effective
+15% if it was super effective
+5% if it was a critical hit (even if a move such as Frost Breath was used)
+5% if the attack had a side effect (e.g. Crunch) and it successfully activated
+5% for using a status move successfully (even if it targets yourself)
-20% if you yourself get hit with a super-effective attack

So what can the Speed Gauge do? Well, based on how full the Speed Gauge is, you can use a piece of it up, at the start of your turn, to perform a special action:

Speed Attack: At the cost of 50% of the Speed Gauge, that Pokemon can automatically use one of its attacks, uninterrupted, in addition to its normal attack for the turn. (The Speed Gauge attack will happen first, regardless of priority.)
Hyperspeed Attack: At the cost of all 100% of the Speed Gauge (i.e. you can only use it when the Gauge is full, and using this will empty it completely), that Pokemon's next attack will hit with double the attack power, will always hit, always go first, and if that move has a secondary effect(s) it will always activate. (For example, if I have a Luxray and it uses Thunder Fang against a Lucario who's trying to use Extremespeed, Thunder Fang will go first, have double the attack power, and cause the Lucario to both flinch and become paralyzed.)

Note, when performing a Speed Attack or Hyperspeed Attack, the Speed Gauge can still increase, in accordance with the values already given. (For example, the aforementioned Luxray's Speed Gauge will go up by 15%.)


The Heart Gauge

Okay, with a name like this, you have to wonder, what on earth is the Heart Gauge? Well, the Heart Gauge is a new method introduced that assists you in catching Pokemon. As opposed to weakening the Pokemon in the usual way, the Heart Gauge will cause you to try and make an emotional connection with the Pokemon you're trying to recruit, without battling against it.

Here is how the Heart Gauge works. At any time, during a battle, instead of attacking, you can choose to activate the Heart Gauge to try and obtain the Pokemon. The Heart Gauge will start at 0%, but based on certain factors, you will get automatic boosts to the Heart Gauge before trying to connect with the Pokemon. The possible automatic boosts are as follows:

+5% for each badge you possess
+?% for the Pokemon you currently have active - your Pokemon's level, divided by 10, will be added to the Heart Gauge. Remainders are ignored.
+10% if your active Pokemon is of the same type(s) as the Pokemon you're trying to recruit
+?% for the target Pokemon's health - for each 10% of HP it's lost, the gauge increases by 1%. If its HP is 5 or less, the increase becomes 10%.

After that boost happens, it's time for you to try and make a connection with the Pokemon. You are given three "attempts" to connect, and each time you attempt, the Heart Gauge will increase a bit. How you connect is up to you - use your imagination on how you'd best connect emotionally with the Pokemon, and how you'd get it to join you. Based on how well your topic mod thinks you did, the Heart Gauge will increase:

+10% if you did a poor job for that attempt
+20% if you did a decent job for that attempt
+30% if you did a fantastic job for that attempt

...This depends not only on how receptive the mod is to your RPing, but on your own RPing yourself. For example, if the mod thinks you did phenomenally on all three of your tries, that's automatically +90%, drastically improving your odds.

Here's an example of what you can do, as if Cepheus was using it. (Of course, you don't have to do something exactly like this...just similar. But the better you do at it, the more the gauge will increase...and how well you did depends on how well your topic mod thinks you did.)
"_________..." Cepheus began softly. "I can sense it in you...that willingness to battle. Yet, I can also see a need to be cared for, and not just mindlessly fighting day in and day out. I understand that completely...Were you to join me, I would make sure that your wishes would be respected."

After all three turns are up, your Heart Gauge percentage is tallied. Based on a random number generator, the topic mod will decide if you successfully recruited that Pokemon or not. If you succeeded, congratulations. If not, you'll need to activate the Heart Gauge from 0% again if you want to try again. Occasionally, the Pokemon will become enraged, preventing you from activating the Heart Gauge.

You can use this against any wild Pokemon as an alternative to weaken-and-capture. However, there are some instances where using the Heart Gauge is mandatory (against "special" Pokemon):

~If you encounter a shiny Pokemon ever (and that's a pretty big 'if'), excluding any event Pokemon (which are simply given to you), you must use the Heart Gauge. You are not permitted to battle against the shiny Pokemon - you must use the Heart Gauge to capture it. However, as compensation, in place of the % increase for how low that Pokemon's HP is, that bonus will automatically be 5% regardless. Alternatively you can use a Master Ball and it will work automatically.
~If you encounter a legendary Pokemon, you can weaken it as much as you want in battle, however to actually attain that Pokemon, you must use the Heart Gauge. Trying to capture it with any kind of Poke Ball that isn't a Master Ball will result in failure.


That's the long and short of the Speed and Heart Gauges. Utilize them to the fullest potential!