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The Adelia Code
When the Earth was new, from the Primordial chaos arose a being, a direct child of Arceus, Adelion Aerekuo. Not a man, nor a Pokemon, a being of infinite powert who had super human abilities he referred to as “ninjustsu.” These abilities were based on what he referred were based on the 8 elements imbued to him by Arceus. The trigrams were special elements that allowed him to perform these magnificent techniques they were:
Heaven/ Sky Lake/Marsh Fire Thunder Wind Water Mountain Earth
天 Tiān 澤(泽) Zé 火 Huǒ 雷 Léi 風(风) Fēng 水 Shuǐ 山 Shān 地 Dì

He traveled the earth teaching Man and Pokemon alike these techniques by giving them each one of these elements.

All was good…
300 years later he decided it was time he created a clan to pass on these techniques through the generations. He created two clans: The Haigas of the East and the Igas of the North. The Haigas believed in an absolute justice and went around using these techniques to aid those around the world. Their first head was Shinsuke of the Haiga, a handsome white haired man. The Igas sought power, they used their ninjustu as means to commit horrible genocide and brutal campaigns around the world. The Haigas and the Igas created…the first Ninja war with the Ias victorius. However as their Leader Aaroinion died, he used his manipulated Heaven Mana…to become a black Hell Mana and sealed Away Adelion into a tablet called the Adelia Code.
The Haigas took the tablet and hid it deep in the region where the war took place…where Modern Rindo is! The Igas have spent over a thousand years planning and they are back with the hell mana! You must stop them!

Mana Breakdown:
People are assigned different mana and their techniques were to the affect of that Mana
For example: Huo (Flame) is a combat mana. Using it to heal others will burn away wounds and sickness, however if used to long will kill the person (and possibly the user) if not handled correctly).
Huo (Flame) : Mostly combat mana can be used to create fire techniques. Can be combined with fire pokemon for a powerful affect! Known users: Alec, Sherry
Ze (Marsh): Used for cloaking, a mana for espionage that allows users and pokemon to Hide in area or transform into anyone. Combine with poison, ground or water type!If used with the latter can copy memories, techniques, and mana! Known users: Janine, Charine, Reiji, Lua, Kristi, Jerry
Le (Thunder): Combat mana used to create lightening strikes! Use with electric pokemon for powerful effect. Known users: Gregory, Tommy
Feng (Wind): Combat and Support! Most well rounded Mana. Can combine with flying types for powerful effect. Can be used to create windstorms, strong defense, and even flight! Known users: ? (possibly Leslie)
Shui (Water): Combat and Support but mostly the latter unless there is a particularly powerful Shui used. Used for mostly healing but can create powerful tidal waves if combined with a water type! Known users: Luka
Shan (Mountain): Known as the ultimate defense mana! Combine with Rock types or on own creates impenetrable shields! Known users: Beat (Why he can take so much punishment XD)
Di (Earth): The opposite of Heaven. Another all encompassing Mana that will be used by a candidate for the second in command of either of the Haigas or the Igas Known users: ? (Possibly Cepheus)
Tien (Heaven/Sky): The all encompassing of heaven and Earth! The mark of the next emperor of the Haigas! It’s power can use any element and it’s own Harmonius effect which can negate others! Combine with all types but can be used to trigger Arceus! If you can combine with a poison type, a Haia trademark, you will be crowned the next head of the clan! Known users: Koga, Janine, Every Haiga head (Possibly Chris)
Di yu (Hell/Infernal/Underworld): The unnatural mark of the Igas. The heaven mana, but combine with dark types Uses blasts of darkness and can create black holes. Many Iga have been injected with fozzilized blood of the first Iga Head, but all have died…only 9 known Iga currently can control it. They are known as the Rings, the elite of the Iga.
Known users: The Rings The Iga Head: Yuuji

Iga Hierarchy:
The Iga Clan have an interesting hierarchy that is based on; missions completed (successfully), family status, overall strength, mana, and ability to control mana.
The Obsidian Emperor: Overall head and master of Di yu mana. Most powerful and has the most influence. Controls all missions and can decide is missions are valid or not. Does not oversee everything since the clan is huge, but larger missions have to go through him. Commands the 9 rings. Current emperor: Yuuji Krale
The Earth King: Second in command and the second most powerful of the Igas. Serves as chancellor to the Emperor. Often times defiant but mostly in the end a loyal second. Commands the castle knights. Current King: Henry
9 Rings: The 9 rings of hell.They are 9 warlords that the emperor chooses. Named after each ring of Hell in Dante’s inferno. They each use water but possess a second mana as well.Each is given a ring symbolizing which ring also indicating their rank.
-1st ring- Limbo- The weakest. Representing the unbaptized the 1st ring uses water and is the healer. Though the weakest of the rings, by no means weak at all. Can create powerful torrents of water and is considered the ultimate healer. Can even use water to regenerate rings and revive the dead. Current Limbo ring holder- Leona (Can be found in Longshore)
-2nd ring- Lussuria- The next up the chain is Lust. The lust user uses Marsh and darkness to imitate opponents most lusted after. Can use Marsh and seduction to completely subdue anyone into doing their bidding. Combined with their poison types and water types the Lust user is a threat! Current Lussuria ring holder- Takashiro (Yes a man! A bishounen at that! Likes to hang around Memor Mortis)
-3rd ring Gluttoneria- The third of the 9 rings, a very strong user who will devour anything. Physically strong and preferring hand to hand combat. Loves to eat as well, true to the name. Traps things in Mountain based mana attacks then devours what’s inside. Current ring user- Argo (Can be found in Palm Beach eating something…or someone)
-4th ring Avaritia- The Greedy 4th member and the most violent. Wants everything and will kill for everything. The lightening mana to user has is filled with Greed and hatred. Ussually is found with the 5th as well working on missions. The lightening is used with a strong electric type and the combo creates a shocking effect! If they defeat you, they’ll take all of your possessions…and maybe your mana…maybe more?! Curreny Avaritia user- Ichigo (Found in Lower Cumulon)
-5th ring Ira- Rage is filled in this users heart This user. The flames they produce can burn through anything and combined with a fire type can create storms of flames reducing cities, forests, continents to ash is a second. A strong foe indeed. The current user…is none other than the gymleader of Palmbeach: Jim!
-6th ring- Heresy-the Crafty 6th ring user and a master of the Heaven mana. If a powerful enough Haiga defects their Mana will transform into something great (of course that means destroying the betrayal seal placed on you at Birth…or this users case…fusing it). This user has a limited amount but its powerful. Watch out if you meet them and they find out you are a member of the Haiga. Current user- Ghetsis
-7th ring- Violence- A complete monster and hateful user. This blood knight seeks fighting from their enemies and comrades. Known to go as far as to challenge to Obsidian Emperor. A master of deceit and will cheat for victory. Loves the blood of children. The user creates powerful razor winds with flying types and kills their opponents and shreds their bodies. Current ring holder- Soji
-8th ring- Treachery- The second most powerful of the ring users and thus user of the Earth. Must like the Heresy user, is power hungry and will often times try to usurp the 9th position (Cannot because mana is not darkness). Will often betray any comrades for own personal gain. However, if the 9th becomes the Obsidian Lord, the Treachery holder will become the next Earth King. Commands powerful ground attacks and can use other abilities. Current holder- Dahlia
-9th ring- Treachery and Hatred- The most sinister and most powerful of the rings. Uses the Hell mana imbued by the Darkest first Iga. Destroy anything and create anything that is the will of the darkness in their heart. This last ring holder is the most powerful and almost as powerful as the Obsidian Emperor. Current holder-???

The Castle Knights- A group created as a large Ninja army to protect the Igas and make the clan bigger. Current captain- Georgia
Squires- Sub Knights made of Remnants of Team Alcor and team Aqua
Artisans- Make weapons controlled by Mana, but aren’t vert combat oriented.
Grunts- Weak ninjas like Alec who can’tcontrol mana and mostly just train their Pokemon

Haiga Hiearchy:
The Jade Emperor: The Heavenly wise head of the Haiga Clan. Sees all members as his children. Overall the strongest and will name the next head when the time is right. Powerful and uses the Heaven Mana. Has a similar group to the 9 rings called The spheres. Current Jade Emperor: Koga
The Warlord of Earth: Serves the same function of the Earth King of the Igas. Second in command and truly loyal to Jade Emperor. Always the first into battle along with the Kishi of Valor!

9 spheres: The 9 spheres are the most powerful nine warriors the Haigas control. Unlike the rings…the Spheres are chose by gleams of light that shine on a ninja. The light will then become a treasure sympolizes what rank sphere they are. ALL NINE WILL BE REVEALED!
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