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Like as the Waves make towards the Pebbled Shore

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The stale air of Shoaltide Path stank of rotting fish and seaweed. William sniffed at the odor, wrinkling his nose in distaste. He was on a work assignment to find a Pokemon with strength and potential to appeal to the population that was into competitive battling and hopefully gain traction in the company’s effort to gather funds from the public to help restore diminishing habitats for endangered Pokemon.

William knew that a Pokemon that was rare would be better for the task, but, watching the many Goldeen and the occasional Carvanha flopping about on the dry sand, he wondered how much easier it would be to just catch a weaker Pokemon and call it a day. It would be easier to study, since there were already many reports and research about them, and the public might be more open to a Pokemon that they were familiar with. Also, though these Pokemon may have appeared weak, he could always train them up into battling machines...

No, he thought, you know that most of that isn’t true. An endangered Pokemon would really be better suited for this task. Besides, Carvanha is just the easy way out, and everyone already knows about Sharpedo being a monster.

He kept walking on the beach, occasionally stopping whenever he thought he might have seen a trace, or a clue of a Pokemon. However, it was always just a stray twig or a misleading human footprint.

Eventually, however, he saw something promising. A familiar-looking pattern on a rock in the distant waves. He looked closer, but still couldn’t see the pattern clearly enough to know if it was what he thought it was. He pulled his Pokedex out of his pants pocket to see the rock more closely, and saw the distinctive dark and light brown pattern with the red dot on top.

It was a Relicanth! They were exceptionally rare, and were very sturdy Pokemon in battle too. If kept away from grass moves, they could be the answer to his problem! Now, all he had to---

William watched, not completely understanding what was happening, as a Sharpedo suddenly burst up near the Relicanth and grabbed its thrashing body in its powerful jaws, dragging it under the surface, all in less than two seconds.

A moment or two passed with William watching in utter disbelief and horror. He wasn’t particularly concerned for the Relicanth, which would probably be fine and escape the predatory water-type with ease. If not, the Sharpedo would have its hard-earned lunch. However, he had lost one of his only chances in the foreseeable future of finding a truly rare Pokemon on Shoaltide Path.

“All right, fine,” he grumbled to himself, “I don’t need a rare Pokemon. Watch what I’m going to do to some unsuspecting Carvanha. It won’t even know…” He grabbed the Pokeball in his bag and sent out Miranda, his Diglett. The Ground/Steel Mole Pokemon grunted at William, who pointed to a nearby Carvanha, flopping helplessly in the sand. “Metal Claw, Miranda!”

Miranda shot a questioning look at William, which quickly turned into an admonishing look.

“Alright,” muttered William. “I guess Carvanha isn’t really what the company would want anyways. You know, I heard Jacob got a Scyther from Verdant Highlands. A Scyther!”

Miranda squeaked and nodded.

“That’s not fair! Scyther are so rare! How come he gets all the good stuff?”

Miranda shook her head sympathetically.

“I’ve got to beat him! Just because he gets all the good luck, and everyone loves him... I'll put him in his place.”

Miranda nodded and chirped enthusiastically.

William sighed and stood up, patting Miranda on the head. “Thanks, Miranda. You’re a good listener.” Looking at the midday sun, He decided, “I’ll look until the end of the day, and if I don’t find a rare Pokemon, then I’ll settle for less. Tomorrow’s the deadline, anyways.”

He shot one last longing look at the gasping Carvanha, and then turned away. If it wasn’t strong enough to use its power to breathe out of water, it was more work than it was worth, anyways.

He beheld the monotonous sandbars, extending all the way to the horizon, and sighed. This wasn’t going to be easy.

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