Important: Future of Godai

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10:47 PM - Jul 15, 2018 #1

This concerns all active and boomerang members of Godai, no matter if you are a new or old member -

For some time now, it has been made known that Zetaboards will be fully absorbed by a site called Tapatalk. This means the current style of Godai will no longer be what it once was, and everything that we know about Zetaboards will be changed to fit Tapatalk's layout and coding.

They state that all our threads, members, information will be "migrated" into their side and that we will not lose anything. However, Zetaboards has used a different coding than them. This will affect a great many of our own coding and posts, mucking everything up completely.

For anyone who is curious, this is what the "Beta Test" looks like (that Tapatalk has graciously provided us) and once the Migration happens, that will be what Godai looks from now on: Click for Beta Taptatalk version of Godai.

That said, we do not know when or the exact date this Migration will happen, but it will happen soon according to Tapatalk Support Centre.
What Will Happen to the Future of Godai:?
Staff has been working tirelessly to save everything. This means all current active members + boomerang member's Evaluated Topics, Character Profiles, current Topics. We have spent the last few days backing up as much as possible such as Locations, Town Maps, Rules, Lore, etc.

We will give Tapatalk a one week (or more, or less depending on how much we get done) trial run to see how it will work with Staff and Members. So far, after experimenting with the Beta Testing site, it is unlikely we will stick with Tapatalk.

Should the majority of members dislike Tapatalk, we will officially move to Proboards. Staff has already been transferring bits and pieces of information, as well as considering a new layout for Proboards, in order to make it as similar and as convenient as possible to Zetaboards. This way little will be affected, and there will be less of a wait period if things go South on Tapatalk.

We are looking for the best possible move that is painless and stressless for all of us as much as possible. If anyone has any further suggestions, please feel free to post here. Otherwise, thank you so much for your patience and understanding once the Migration happens.