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TMs and HMs
Technical Machines (TMs) and Hidden Machines (HMs) are data discs whose special information can be directly integrated with a Pokémon’s mind and DNA to teach it new and powerful moves it wouldn’t probably learn otherwise. TMs and HMs are infinite-use and augment a Pokémon’s natural abilities to the point at which they can be used in battle. In Godai, we use a special catalog of over 100 original, in-game TMs and HMs; however, some have different numbers, and others were left out altogether due to their limited usefulness.

Many of the TMs can be purchased in the PokéMarts of various towns, but by defeating a gym leader, you are awarded with a useful one, probably not sold in stores, of the gym leader's type. The rest can be found in encounters or received through Event Topics and Site Events, these are usually the more powerful moves that can't simply be bought in shops due to their strength.
On Using TMs and HMs
Like in Generations V and VI, TMs are Reusable. In addition, when using the TM, please mention that you booted and used the TM in an In-Character post for the sake of real-world mechanics, as doing so in a Profile Modification wouldn't explain how the Pokémon acquired the move in the first place. (Please read the IC trivia Post in Trainer Technology for more information.)

However, our TM and HM system differs slightly. While characters can teach their pokemon these moves at any level, their effectiveness and skill might not be very good at first, either being nerfed versions of their full power, or not being able to control or aim them, or any other way a move can fail. Most TMs require a level threshold before a move can be effective in battle. Starting at the second tier, the levels start at 20 and progress by fives all the way up until level 30, at which point, these creatures can call down lightning from the the heavens at a whim. Boy it's fun living in a pokemon world huh? This way, new trainers who got a lot of cash can't teach their pokemon a really powerful move right off the bat. Furthermore, since these are moves that don't come naturally to pokemon, they will require some training. Even if the level requirement is met, a pokemon must have at least one topic in which they practice the move. Until then it will be considered to work at only half capacity.

HMs also have special uses outside of battle that can allow a pokemon to grant a trainer access to new places where rarer pokemon might dwell. Check the Special RP Dex to see exactly what they do when you get one.

Finally, please check Bulbapedia to see which Pokémon are compatible with your TM or HM’s data. If you have any questions, or if our TM is original and not on any site, please consult with a Staff Member and we'll judge to see if your pokemon can reasonably perform it. Try to use common sense though~

Godian TM/HM Master List

Tier I

TM005 Roar
TM006 Toxic
TM009 Venoshock
TM012 Taunt
TM021 Frustration
TM027 Return
TM032 Double Team
TM039 Rock Tomb
TM040 Aerial Ace
TM041 Tormet
TM043 Flame Charge
TM044 Rest
TM045 Attract
TM046 Thief
TM047 Low Sweep
TM049 Echoed Voice
TM054 False Swipe
TM058 Sky Drop
TM059 Incinerate
TM060 Quash
TM061 Will-O-Wisp
TM062 Acrobatics
TM066 Payback
TM070 Water Pulse
TM073 Thunder Wave
TM076 Struggle Bug
TM078 Bulldoze
TM083 Infestation
TM088 Sleep Talk
TM094 Bullet Seed
TM095 Snarl
TM100 Confide
TM103 Whirlwind
TM110 Water Gun
TM111 Pay Day
TM113 Counter
TM115 Rage
TM116 Mega Drain
TM135 Sweet Scent
TM136 Snore
TM138 Icy Wind
TM139 Mud-Slap
TM142 Detect
TM144 Fury Cutter
TM147 Telekinesis
TM154 Brine
TM155 Endure
TM159 Recycle
TM168 Brutal Swing
TM169 Smart Strike

HM01 Cut
HM05 Flash
HM06 Whirlpool

Tier II

TM001 Hone Claws
TM002 Dragon Claws
TM003 Psyshock
TM004 Calm Mind
TM008 Bulk Up
TM010 Hidden Power
TM017 Protect
TM019 Roost
TM020 Safeguard
TM023 Smack Down
TM028 Dig
TM030 Shadow Ball
TM031 Brick Break
TM042 Facade
TM048 Round
TM051 Steel Wing
TM053 Energy Ball
TM055 Scald
TM056 Fling
TM057 Charge Beam
TM063 Embargo
TM065 Shadow Claw
TM067 Retaliate
TM069 Rock Polish
TM072 Volt Switch
TM074 Gyro Ball
TM077 Psych Up
TM079 Frost Breath
TM080 Rock Slide
TM081 X-scissor
TM082 Dragon Tail
TM084 Poison Jab
TM085 Dream Eater
TM086 Grass Knot
TM087 Swagger
TM089 U-turn
TM091 Flash Canon
TM098 Power-Up Punch
TM109 Bubblebeam
TM114 Seismic Toss
TM117 Dragon Rage
TM120 Mimic
TM121 Bide
TM128 Psywave
TM131 Headbutt
TM132 Curse
TM133 Rollout
TM137 Pluck
TM138 Dragon Breath
TM140 Ice Punch
TM141 Thunder Punch
TM143 Fire Punch
TM146 Giga Drain
TM149 Shockwave
TM150 Secret Power
TM151 Skill Swap
TM152 Snatch
TM153 Ally Switch
TM157 Drain Punch
TM158 Silver Wind
TM160 Avalanche
TM161 Stealth Rock
TM162 Captivate
TM163 Natural Gift
TM164 Work Up
TM166 Defog
TM167 Leech Life

HM04 Strength
HM08 Dive

Tier III

TM013 Ice Beam
TM016 Light Screen
TM024 Thunderbolt
TM026 Earthquake
TM029 Psychic
TM033 Reflect
TM034 Sludge Wave
TM035 Flame Thrower
TM036 Sludge Bomb
TM071 Stone Edge
TM075 Swords Dance
TM090 Substitute
TM093 Wild Charge
TM096 Nature Power
TM097 Dark Pulse
TM099 Dazzling Gleam
TM101 Mega Punch
TM102 Razor Wind
TM105 Horn Drill
TM106 Body Slam
TM107 Take Down
TM112 Submission
TM119 Fissure
TM123 Self Destruct
TM124 Egg Bomb
TM126 Softboiled
TM129 Tri-Attack
TM148 Iron Tail
TM156 Dragon Pulse
TM165 Waterfall
TM170 Aurora Veil

HM02 Fly
HM03 Surf
HM09 Rock Climb
HM07 Rock Smash

Tier IV

TM007 Hail
TM011 Sunny Day
TM014 Blizzard
TM015 Hyper Beam
TM018 Rain Dance
TM022 Solar Beam
TM025 Thunder
TM037 Sandstorm
TM038 Fire Blast
TM050 Overheat
TM052 Focus Blast
TM064 Explosion
TM068 Giga Impact
TM092 Trick Room
TM104 Mega Kick
TM108 Double-Edge
TM118 Focus Punch
TM125 Skull Bash
TM127 Sky Attack
TM130 Dynamic Punch
TM134 Zap Canon
TM145 Nightmare
Seth Halley Thawyer • Astronomer • Total EXP Gained: 369 • Dians: 300 • Location: Serenity Lake
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• Carl • Male • 20 • (72/81)
Attack: 72 (33%)
Defense: 34
Sp. Attack: 59 (27%)
Sp. Defense: 34
Speed: 21
Item: Luck Incense
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• Marie • Female • 25 • (183/189)
Attack: 44
Defense: 59
Sp. Attack: 97 (26%)
Sp. Defense:131 (35%)
Speed: 44
Item: Safety Goggles
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• Annie • Female • 25 • (133/150)
Attack: 112 (30%)
Defense: 50
Sp. Attack: 51
Sp. Defense: 50
Speed: 112 (30%)
Item: N/A
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• ??? • ??? • ??? • ???
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Sp. Attack: ???
Sp. Defense: ???
Speed: ???
Item: N/A
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• ??? • ??? • ??? • ???
Attack: ???
Defense: ???
Sp. Attack: ???
Sp. Defense: ???
Speed: ???
Item: N/A
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