Courageous in Danger

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Courageous in Danger

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Stone and earth were both baked by the merciless glare of the sun. Its climb to the had reached the zenith recently, leaving the air wavering with heat. Seeking to escape the scorching touch, Pokemon and Humans alike had fled to the more shadowed places, waiting for the oppressive heat to relax. Only one trainer stayed. Titus was alone by himself on the training ground the size of a basketball court. Once, it had been used for battles, training, or even the occasional sport played entirely by people. Now, however, it was littered with rubble and dust. A tumbleweed, having come in from the nearby flats, had found itself lodged against one pile where it flopped uselessly in the mostly still wind.

The symbol of the Poke Ball centered itself in the middle of the court which was marked with white paint. Standing at the center, Titus marveled at the ravaged court. A series of titanic attacks cracked, shattered, and eviscerated various sections of the wall. Titus took off his black gloves and touched the ice between the cracks of the limestone-colored walls, which would have been impossible given the inhospitable temperatures.

“Woah…” Titus muttered with breathless excitement. And he saw more ice painted at the wall. It glittered from recesses and small bits of shade. Someone would have been very proficient in Ice-types to make such a sculptured mess. Titus wished he could make that kind of a mess.

But there was more than just ice marks. Scorch marks painted the ground and walls with black soot. Rifts and cracks marred and vandalized the field and walls, with even a few sections of it wholly gone: clear evidence of an epic battle.

The football-sized battlefield itself was sunk below the ground, so it was difficult to find it. But spectators flocked at the top of the “mini-arena” to cast lots to their favorite trainer, Pokémon, or team. But now and then, they would duck for cover whenever a stray attack came too close for comfort.

Even with the unrepentant heat, the trees still towered over Titus as mightily as ever. Their branches formed a massive wall which hugged the arena park, thick leaves obscuring the other side of the forest. Penetrating through it with sight alone was impossible. The sun alone should have burned the leaves to a crisp, but the verdant green leaves swayed to the side with the wind as if it never cared much about the heat itself.

If anyone never cared for battling, there was a huge “mini” mall not far from the training ground. However, Titus was not that kind of person to waste his time choosing which training boot to wear or if clothing makes him too fat. The young trainer was arrogant in making himself the most powerful trainer in all of Godai, just like his father and his father before him. There was no time to goof around. He was the heir to the most powerful family in all of Godai. To be the heir meant that Titus has to create earthquakes, summon lightning, and control storms to glorify the divine legacy of his House.
To do that, he was going to train. Standing on top of the painted symbol of the Poke Ball, he took out his pocket and threw it high in the air. One by one, his Pokémon materialized from the split Poke Balls.

First to come out was the regal penguin destined to be the Emperor Pokémon: a Prinplup named Imperator. His webbed feet touched the ground with the grace of a ballerina, and like a noble, he bowed entirely to his master.

Following the team’s imperator was a Minccino, a Baltoy, and a Kirlia. Each of them descended to the ground, saluted their master like a soldier to a commander, and stood firm without daring to flinch. His team, although inexperienced and naive, behaved like an army. That was how Titus proudly trained his legions.

Most of Titus’ team showed their unwavering respect and loyalty, except for one. That one Pokémon didn’t salute or acknowledge Titus; he was still flat on the ground. Somehow when he descended to the ground, he just outright missed the landing.

The Emotion Pokémon could have just got up, and it would have been the end of that. Titus would have easily overlooked it and continued with his daily training schedule. But he just lay there without moving as if he just gave up on life. The other Pokémon tried to turn their heads away from the embarrassment, but the fact that Galahad was right next to them made it impossible.

“Get up Galahad!” Titus begged. The defeatist Pokémon returned with a muffled groan. Even the embarrassment in front of him couldn’t turn away from looking at his pain in dealing with Titus.

“Come on…” The scion of the greatest family in all of Godai couldn’t figure out why Galahad was like that. Whenever he fought, the telekinetic knight chose to run away. If an opponent attempted one little hit at Galahad, the Emotion Pokémon would raise his hands up in surrender. But it wasn’t just that he hated fighting. His defeatist attitude also showed in how he attacked. His Confusion attack couldn’t lift an empty cardboard box. Regular petals who raced with the wind dealt more damage than his Magical Leaf attack.

But according to the Holo Caster stats, he’s the most powerful Pokémon in Titus’ team.

“Galahad… please? I beg you… The cement is very hot. You could get burned.” He knelt down in front of the downtrodden Pokémon knight, trying to pick him up. Galahad rebuked him and refused to look up. The scorching ground was less painful than any part of Titus’ hellish training.

At this point, Titus’ voice and desperation grew. “What happened to my Galahad that fought bravely alongside…” Titus stopped himself and bit his lip. His next word was painful to say, but he spat it out nonetheless.

“Finny!” After that, he grumbled, bowed his head, and sighed to himself. He swore not to repeat that fiasco back at Sangproctor City ever again.

But to the young trainer’s miracle, Galahad finally looked up. He extended his gloved hands to his depressed knight, offering him to get up. But Galahad refused with a swift no. Titus clenched his fists and growled at his own Kirlia menacingly. But he wasn’t willing to let fiery words spill out of his mouth, so he furiously pursed his lips to stop talking.

Breathe in… breathe out… I am a Hastur... not a neanderthal…

Imperator opened his mouth, knowing that if he erupted in anger, no one was going to make it out alive. Imperator had to stop him. He quickly jumped in front of Titus, flapped his arms and yelled at him, trying to draw the trainer’s attention to him.

“Imperator?” Titus loosened his fist and gave his full attention to the azure bird. Immediately, Imperator began to wildly flap and bark at him. For the first time, Galahad finally smiled when his savior protected him. The more the Prinplup talked, the more Titus seemed to relent. Eventually, even Titus nodded every time Imperator finished his “sentences.”

“Ah. I understand you, Imperator,” muttered Titus. For a moment, all tension and anxiety within Imperator and Galahad disappeared as a single calm breath. It seemed that the unreasonable was finally reasoned with.

“Now I get what you’re saying. I might not be inspiring enough!” exclaimed Titus, followed by a triumphant “Aha!”

The royal penguin leaned forward and frowned at Titus. Just what was his master thinking?

“You, my little friend, need a big push!” exclaimed Titus, grabbing Galahad by the arm and forcing him up. Imperator slapped his cheeks with his fins; The idiot heir was going to snap Galahad like a twig.

Then, he unsheathed his training rapier, its tip radiating with the sun. A dreadful feeling shook Galahad, forcing the scared Kirlia to buckle its knees. His “master” was going to push him to train, but apparently to Titus, he was going to do it positively.

“You’re simply uninspired! That’s all! I think everything will go smoothly if you were to face a strong opponent!” Titus’ voice proclaimed as if he was proud of himself. But Galahad shook his head faster, trying to avoid the death sentence Titus was going to give him.

“Huh? I thought that being nice to you would get you motivated!” The sound of Titus’ voice grew from sincere to desperate. “I’ll even have you spar against Imperator!”

At this point, Galahad yelped and teleported behind the Minccino and Baltoy, who were too flabbergasted at everything that was happening. The two small Pokémon couldn’t do anything as Titus grabbed Galahad’s arm once more, forcing each other into a fruitless tug-of-war. Galahad anchored himself on the searing cement, trying to resist his “master” but he felt his weak stilted feet grinding on the dirt. Galahad was about to cry again as he was about to be drowned into pain and misery, but then he spotted Imperator sneaking his wings into Titus’ backpack.

“Come on! I’m doing everything for you Galahad! Why can’t you be grateful for what I’m doing?!”

“Ty. Is this how my son and heir treats his Pokémon?” chastised a deep, husky voice from afar. The mysterious voice alone stopped the squabbling between Titus and Galahad, never directly commanding them to halt but did so nonetheless. For the young ace trainer, he recognized and felt the powerful aura near him. He turned around and saw a familiar person, who stood on top of the Holo Caster as a small holographic projection.

“Is this why you called, Imperator?” The man casually addressed the regal penguin, who gleefully chirped back.
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Word count: 1624
Titus Hastur
Trainer Class: Ace Trainer
Total Experience: 146
Dians: 5,130
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Level 15

Species Name: Piplup
Gender: Male
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent

Health: Low
Total Stats: 165
Attack: 35
Defense: 25
Sp. Attack: 50
Sp. Defense: 25
Speed: 30 (18%)

Item: N/A
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Level 14

Species Name: Baltoy
Gender: N/A
Type: Psychic/Ground
Ability: Levitate

Health: Scrawny
Total Stats: 154
Attack: 22
Defense: 36
Sp. Attack: 29
Sp. Defense: 42 (27%)
Speed: 25

Item: N/A
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Level 13

Species Name: Minccino
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Cute Charm

Health: Low
Total Stats: 143
Attack: 45
Defense: 25
Sp. Attack: 1
Sp. Defense: 25
Speed: 47 (33%)

Item: N/A
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Level 1
Species Name: Swablu
Gender: Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Natural Cure

Health: Low
Total Stats: 11
Attack: 2
Defense: 1
Sp. Attack: 3
Sp. Defense: 3 (25%)
Speed: 2

Item: N/A
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Level 18

Species Name: Ralts
Gender: Male
Type: Psychic/Fairy
Ability: Trace

Health: Weak
Total Stats: 162
Attack: 1
Defense: 26
Sp. Attack: 47 (29%)
Sp. Defense: 30
Speed: 58

Item: N/A