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[A]Sana Ju-Hyun

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Sana Ju-Hyun
Keeping up appearances

Trainer Profile
Character Name: Sana Ju-Hyun
Nickname: Sunny, Sana_Bop
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Day of Birth: 7th of February, 182
Hometown: Cascadia city, North Godai
Alignment True Neutral
Western Zodiac: Wassatage the Gyarados
Eastern Zodiac: Years of the Zebstrika
Trainer Class: Holo-Model/Photographer
Height: 5 feet 2 inches
Weight: 102 lbs
Hair Color & Style: Sana's hair is as dark as the darkest treat one may find in an upscale chocolatier. With a silky sheen that matches her brown locks, the teenager's gossamer thin hair has been treated and taken care of to the utmost perfection ever since she became a self-conscious young adult. Utilizing the hair products pushed by her holo sponsors, Sana's locks are scented with the perpetual aroma of lilac and yache berries.

Whilst Sana routinely experiments with hair styles, often leading the charge when experimenting with a new look, she is most commonly seen with her short pixie bob. It has, more or less, become her trademark. Sleek and simple, the girl maintains hair styles that are both aesthetically pleasing and easy to manage.

Eyes: Her doe shaped eyes are a light almond colour, two twinkling orbs that often betray her lackadaisical personality. Knowing full well the power of expression and conveying emotion, artificial or otherwise, Sana endeavors to maintain an exuberant gaze when surrounded by others. With thick black eyelashes that flutter like ballerina legs and eyeliner that is always masterfully brandished to a perfect point, Sana's ocular aesthetic is every bit as important as her stylistic choices. Crowning her eyes are two thin brows, often quirked in bemusement or flattened by boredom, these being her only obvious tells.
Clothing/Accessories: Sana's clothing and style are of the utmost importance to her, for these are the elements that maintain her presence in the social media world. Having established a distinct style inspired by Northern tradition and Gothic minimalism, the young women endeavors to clothe herself in a new outfit every single day. With a penchant for black, white and beige colour schemes, Sana regularly maps out her outfits several days prior to wearing them and often recruits the products companies pay her to wear. This is all, of course, due to her fervently maintaining the illusion of wealth and fashion forward thinking.

Perpetually dressed to impress and never one to go outside looking less than appealing, Sana regularly employs the style philosophy that one should 'always be the best dressed in the room' not matter the occasion. On cooler days is when the holo-famous model finds her mojo, where she can experiment with scarves, coats, boots and her very large collection of hosiery. In contrast, when the weather is hotter, the girl clothes herself in loose fitting and comfortable items such as oversized shirts, skirts and sheer tops. Due to her bust size, being a mere B cup, Sana also goes about some days without a bra, for both her own comfort and her sleek pixie aesthetic.

As a result of her decision to embark on her 'Styles of Godai' venture, Sana has foregone wearing flats and has opted for sturdier boots and more stylish runners. A big fan of accessorizing, the girl currently has seven piercings (some of which she keeps secret) and is very supportive of clutches and handbags. The style and colour of said handbag is ultimately determined by her outfit of the day and she generally keeps her make up, chewing gum, compact mirror and holocaster in them.

General Appearance: Slim, petite and sleek, Sana Ju-Hyun is the quintessential dark haired pixie that flits her way into the fantasies of young men and women desiring their own quirky lover and/or friend. With her distinct diminutive figure, alabaster skin and snarky girlish visage, the holo model can successfully balance believable androgyny and sweet femininity with grace and poise expected from someone of her station.

With a dainty figure, Sana is more often than not the smallest person in her circle of peers and knows full well that she won't be growing any taller within the foreseeable future. However, she utilizes her petite figure to its utmost and has carved a niche in the online modelling world as one of the more delicate and accessible girls to follow. With quiet footsteps, a quick pace and a hands that are almost always graced by her holocaster, the girl moves with the ebb and flow of her fickle attention and only ever stops moving when she needs to update her social media accounts...which is often.

A button nose, dotted with the faintest of freckles, centers the ivory points of her cheekbones. A rosy tint kisses the skin of her face, her peachy lips often curled into a demure simper or pursed in contemplation. A pointed chin leads into a slender neck with pronounced collarbones, flared out either side of her slim shoulders. With her small bust matching the proportions of her elfin figure and flat stomach trained from years of yoga, Sana is the very image of a dedicated health and beauty routine.

Also, her feet are tiny, at a mere size 5.

[+] spoiler
Sana thrives off of the duality that is her public persona and the person she is away from the gaze of her followers. As a public figure, Sana has delicately manufactured a facade of zest, zeal and unbridled enthusiasm for the wider world, becoming the face of one or two fashion brands in the process. Under the guise of her holo handle, 'Sana_Bop', the teenager is a free spirit, a girl stricken by wanderlust and a cheerful predisposition that enamors her to the tens of thousands of youngsters that religiously follow her social media.

A shrewd actress with talent for making herself accessible to many people from different walks of life, Sana has skillfully initiated herself into the head space of a sales person. She sells a glamorous life from the safety of her holocaster and she sells it well. This performance has been polished to the point that even she, at times, falls for her supposed success.

Away from the camera, Sana is another person entirely. Lackadaisical and melancholy, the teenager is stripped of all the perpetual glee that made her such a celebrated online figure. Whilst she does maintain an interest in fashion and photography, her desire to continue such hobbies extends as far as she's being paid. What was once a passion became stifled the moment it turned into a job. Completely lacking in any drive to break away from the safety of her social media presence, Sana has slowly become content in her stagnation.

Knowing full well her income and opportunities are intrinsically tied to her social media presence, Sana has submitted herself to the notion that maintaining the veneer of exuberance and, at times, grating positivity is a means of survival. In this acceptance blossomed a near constant state of fatigue and cynicism, of which the girl clings to with self effacing humor and a sharpened wit that is only ever puts to use in private.

Still, the girl does have her quirks. Away from the cameras, Sana is a voracious reader of niche publications. Serial killers, deadly plants, exotic diseases and other odd subjects fill her library and grant her a window into safely appeasing her morbid curiosity. She engorges herself on spicy foods and regularly entertains herself by getting friends and acquaintances to join her in such piquant ventures. An affable individual when surrounded by those she trusts, Sana uses her influence to spoil those that successfully break away the iron mask of 'Sana_Bop' and acclimate themselves to the real girl.

Not one to get overly emotional at much in particular, since she believes it a waste of energy on her part, Sana has grown a natural thick skin and disposition towards shrugging off criticism and negativity whenever it comes her way. She hates little as much as she loves little and this distinct lack of genuine passion can sometimes come across as apathy when trusted individuals meet her in the flesh. She is content in her success and her popularity and won't go out of her way to change it.

Alas, she is wise enough to separate the 'Sana_Bop' persona from Sana Ju-Hyun, and has gained the discernment and pragmatism to notice opportunistic individuals from the sincere ones. With the knowledge that her public persona would attract attention, Sana has naturally developed a healthy level of skepticism when faced with those seeking her favour. This innate mistrust of new people, whilst bordering on unhealthy, has granted the girl the freedom to avoid those she deems unnecessary or potentially harmful to her success.

[+] spoiler
There was never a great tragedy to frame the Ju-Hyun family name, nor was there a major success or failure that joined the annals of history. There was no licentious scandals or stories of recovery, no great tales of war or winning the lottery. The Ju-Hyun family were safe and secure, strolling through contented existence in their middle class abodes away from any drama that typically scorned tightly knit groups of people.

They simply were.

Hana Ju-Hyun and her husband, Clarence, continued the family tradition of evoking the deities of monotony and prosaic existence and married on a fine autumn day in the presence of their friends and family next to a little Ducklett pond. It was simple and sweet, everything one would expect of a pedestrian affair. Theirs was a love girded by childhood proximity and contented affection, neither fiery in its passion nor bitter in its tranquility. It was a safe marriage, it was a sturdy marriage and it was a good marriage.

They could not ask for more and they certainly didn't think to either.

With both of them managing a moderately successful noodle restaurant in the business district of Cascadia city, Hana and Clarence were the very image of a contented middle class couple. Even their attempts at getting pregnant went without a hitch and two years after their marriage, the young couple were graced by the presence of their first daughter, Sana.

With head full of dark hair and eyes gleaming with the colour of roasted nutmeg, the little infant was a joy to behold. She was adored by the pair of restaurant owners, just enough to placate any tantrums or major accidents in her first few years of life. It was a childhood without incident, one that was filled with every past time worthy of a picture on the family fridge. Every milestone was jotted down in Hana's journal, just like her mother did and her mother's mother did.

Each notable development, from Sana's first word (bowl) to Sana's first steps (13 months) were granted space in the journal. It was a time honoured tradition and the Ju-Hyun family weren't ones to deny tradition.

Alas, it was on the eave of Sana's fourth birthday did Fate finally smile upon the family of wallflowers.

Having noticed the wide eyed little girl playing in the corner of her parents restaurant, a scout for a modelling agency approached the pair of chefs in the hopes of enticing them with a particularly promising offer.

Sana was pretty, that much they knew. But pretty enough to model in children's toy magazines? Well, it was safe to say that the couple were both shocked and pleased with the revelation and after consulting their dainty daughter, they signed her up for the job and gained some semblance of attention from the people around them.

Their choice was what propelled their child into the public sphere, of which she'd never shake off.

Elementary school eventually came and went with the speed of a Jolteon on crack, with Sana establishing herself as a quiet, studious and polite child that won the hearts of students and teachers alike. She was the 'magazine kid', the one found playing with dolls and children's make up on spreads much too colourful and garish for any self respecting adult to read. Still, she was present and active enough within the school community for such a label to be only used scarcely.

It was during this time that her parents, with all the payment received from their child's modelling career, bought their daughter her first Pokemon. Being fond of the plush Blitzles she was paired up in her toy shoots, Hana and Clarence believed it fitting that their child get partnered up with the real thing. It was a dream come true for the girl and with the gentleness and grace befitting a girl of her stature, Sana quickly came to love the creature.

Alas, as Sana grew older and began to lose her baby fat she was gradually weened off of the childhood magazine shoots and thrust back into a world of no work. It was of little issue to the girl, she'd amassed a healthy sum of dians from her childhood career, of which her parents dutifully kept in her savings account, and was smart enough to continue her engagement with her education sans the 'magazine kid' moniker.

With the onset of puberty beginning its magic and the hormones taking their place in Sana's developing form, the girl gradually shifted from the oh so adorable child she once was into the self styled 'nymph' she'd eventually come to be known as online. With her sights set on the wonders of fashion and make up, Sana spent much of adolescence trawling blogs, editorials and magazines for the latest and greatest updates within the fashion world. It became a hobby, alongside her digestion of other questionable reading material, and no sooner had she started this little obsession did the girl completely absorb herself into the subject of textiles and business studies in high school.

It was during this time that Sana became involved in social media.

It was nothing particularly special during the first two years, with the girl amassing the same amount of followers and likes that any fashion forward girl her age would. She was 'Sana_Bop', a city girl who liked 'photography, winged eyeliner and the colour beige.' It was nothing special, or so she though anyways. It was only until she was seventeen, in her final year of high school, did the girl known as Sana_Bop become exponentially more popular.

It was a combination of her noteworthy photography, call backs to her time as the 'magazine kid' and her admittedly attractive features that evolved her little profile on 'Holo-Gram' into the empire it is today. At first the rise in attention came as a surprise, with Sana eagerly accepting the newfound affection from the thousands of online strangers with open arms and a positive veneer of friendliness.

It was only until companies, both privately owned boutiques and well established style brands, began approaching her to help advertise their goods did the girl finally realize the weight of her following.

What began as a simple means of connecting with the world and sharing her passions swiftly became a manufactured and delicately polished fantasy of a glamorous lifestyle. Sana, not one to complain, accepted the payments from her sponsors with the zeal that someone of her online station must maintain. She was now 'Sana_Bop to the wider community, the fresh young face of Godai's style scene and the sort of individual that marketing teams could only dream of.

She was friendly, pretty and accessible to a younger audience, the perfect mouthpiece for the fashion machine.

What was once a world filled with awe and modest contentment eventually turned into an ever present performance of perfection and poise. Sana was now under public scrutiny, a girl whose polished image could not stray any further than what she'd established lest she risk the disapproval of those that paid her. She was no longer the sweet and naive 'magazine kid', she was now the exhausted 'Holo-Gram girl'.

Still, she remains.

In a bid to excite her mass of followers, Sana's agent came up with the idea to document the fashion and flavours of Godai. It would be a series, a photographic journal that would be edited of any negativity, strife and angst that any normal human experiences. It was to be Sana's great venture, her final push into the augmented reality that she'd unwittingly found herself wrapped up in.

'Styles of Godai' with 'Sana_Bop', a daily vlog on all the happenings in Godai.

It was a shallow and materialistic venture and Sana knew it.

But she did not complain.

For the Ju-Hyun family never had any drama.

Dians: 1000.

Basic Items
[+] spoiler
x5 Pokéball

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[+] spoiler
[+] spoiler
Key Items

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Trainer Advancement
Advancement Points: 0
Tier 0
- Seeing the Sights (0/15)
- Making Friends (0/15)
- Green Thumb (0/15)
- To Be The Best (0/15)
- Silver Tongue (0/15)
- Nursing (0/15)
- Gift Giving (0/20)
- Maternal Instincts (0/20)
- Genetic Key (0/20)
- TLC (0/25)
- Technology Buff (0/25)
- Oooh Shiny (0/30)
Total EXP Gained: 0

Caught at Level 5
[+] spoiler
Ace is a spirited young calf who has been by Sana's side ever since she was a seven year old. Maintaining all of the energy and zest that his trainer sorely lacks, the enthusiastic Blitzle eagerly takes part in Sana's manufactured fantasy world and has just about as many fans as she does, as he's become a staple in her online aesthetic. Whilst their relationship has been under some strain ever since the young woman amassed her social media following, Ace is a loyal creature that will stay by Sana's side no matter how much she's grown out of her pre-pubescent tenderness.

Nickname: Ace
Gender: Male
Ability: Lightning Rod
Height: 2'7"
Weight: 65.7 lbs
Health: Low
EXP Rate: Medium Fast
EXP Gauge: (7/9)
EXP Gained: 0
Level: 5
Division: D8
Total Stats: 55
  • Attack: 14
  • Defense: 9
  • Sp. Attack: 6
  • Sp. Defense: 8
  • Speed: 18 (33%)
Vitamins Used: None
1. Quick Attack
3. Tail Whip
Unique Moves:
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Adventure Log wrote:Adventure Log goes in here
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Name: Martini Ravensdale
Dians: 16,831
EXP Gained: #306
Font: #c24641
Last known location: Firebird Villa

Nickname: Gyspy
Gender: Female
Level: 25
Ability: Frisk
EXP: (144/150)

Health: Low
Attack: 30 (10%)
Defense: 50
Sp. Attack: 105 [99+6]
Sp. Defense: 80
Speed: 45

Nickname: Nox
Gender: Female
Level: 22
Ability: Pressure
EXP: (126/136)

Health: Intermediate
Attack: 70[66+4]
Defense: 77 (25%)
Sp. Attack:58
Sp. Defense: 77 (25%)
Speed: 32

Nickname: Morrigan
Gender: Female
Level: 20
Ability: Levitate
EXP: (82/87)

Health: Above Average
Attack: 31(11%)
Defense: 31 (11%)
Sp. Attack: 77
Sp. Defense: 64
Speed: 77

Nickname: Gulliver
Gender: Male
Level: 21
EXP: (86/92)

Health: Low
Attack: 71 (30%) (69+2)
Defense: 42
Sp. Attack:2
Sp. Defense: 49
Speed: 69 (30%)

Nickname: Amadeus
Gender: Male
Level: 20
Ability: Flash Fire
EXP: (119/125)

Health: Low
Attack: 44
Defense: 16
Sp. Attack:68 (31%)
Sp. Defense: 17
Speed: 75

Nickname: Weaver
Gender: Female
Level: 18
Ability: Insomnia
EXP: (64/68)

Health: Scrawny
Attack: 54 (30%)
Defense: 26
Sp. Attack:1
Sp. Defense: 47
Speed: 52
[+] spoiler
Name: Sana Ju-Hyun
Dians: 1,000
EXP Gained: #0
Font: #38ACEC
Last known location: Serenity Lake

Nickname: Ace
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Ability: Volt Absorb
EXP: (7/9)

Health: Low
Attack: 14
Defense: 9
Sp. Attack: 6
Sp. Defense: 8
Speed: 18 (33%)

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   Sonak Paetdee   

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Ability: Frisk
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Sp. Attack: 40
Sp. Defense: 37
Speed: 64 (28%)
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Male • Level 23 • (136/152)
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Female • Level 27 • (272/282)
Ability: Synchronize
Health: Low

Attack: 3
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Sp. Attack: 71 (24%)
Sp. Defense: 78
Speed: 69
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Female • Level 9 • (17/20)
Ability: Serene Grace
Health: Scrawny

Attack: 2
Defense: 27 (30%)
Sp. Attack: 17
Sp. Defense: 28 [27+1](30%)
Speed: 17
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Female • Level 24 • (152/170)
Ability: Flower Veil
Health: Intermediate

Attack: 2
Defense: 81
Sp. Attack: 93 (26%)
Sp. Defense: 118 (33%)
Speed: 66
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   Kian Conrad   

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Sp. Attack: 18
Sp. Defense: 53
Speed: 80
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Male • Level 27 • (210/232)
Ability: Motor Drive
Health: Intermediate

Attack: 89 (22%)
Defense 62
Sp. Attack: 100
Sp. Defense: 58
Speed: 96
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Male • Level 28 • (232/255)
Ability: Pressure*
Health: Intermediate

Attack: 113 (29%)
Defense 90 (23%)
Sp. Attack: 5
Sp. Defense: 107
Speed: 77
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Female • Level 26 • (157/168)
Ability: Poison Point
Health: Scrawny

Attack: 60
Defense 94 (30%)
Sp. Attack: 3
Sp. Defense: 81 (26%)
Speed: 74
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Female • Level 24 • (131/133)
Ability: Swift Swim*
Health: Intermediate

Attack: 45
Defense 74
Sp. Attack: 84 (25%)
Sp. Defense: 77 (23%)
Speed: 56
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Male • Level 28 • (237/255)
Ability: Inner Focus
Health: Intermediate

Attack: 92
Defense 80
Sp. Attack: 17
Sp. Defense: 77
Speed: 98 (27%)