Public thanks for a private kindness...

and so it begins again

Public thanks for a private kindness...

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18 Oct 2014, 12:20 #1

I was in bed [still sick and in bad shape] last Thursday early evening when Lucky Phil phoned through here at home and spoke to Leanne.

He told her that the next day ( Friday) that Oldham Mark was going to drive to White LIne Transport in Maddington and pick up my TV175 for me and return it to me here at home in Duncraig...

As well as that great act of kindness, Mark also picked up another scoooter on a pallet to take to his home and store for later, and delivered Johnny Senior's pallet [which John had allowed Sherlock to borrow] back to John's home in Warwick...

Three acts of clubmanship and decency... Thank you Marl & Phil. In my humble opinion you continue to carry on the high standard of mateship and kindness here in PLSC that was there at the beginning some 17 or so years ago.

Manyoo and Mick Finn and Bolty were the early standard bearers of this excellent quality. Later we had [amongst many others] Blackpool Trev & Vicky. It was wonderful to see them both with us at the Victor Harbour caravan site on the National this year...

Lots have been said about PLSC. Here in WA I guess all of it is pretty good... I mean the importance we put on having good fun, enjoying great friends and sharing a sincere love of having a really good time... All true. Other scooter clubs, not in WA, and, I guess one here in Perth might not quite agree with the thought that we are indeed the best group of friends in Australia who share a love of owning and riding scooters.

Perhaps we like the fun we have and the friendships we have built a bit more than owning and buying/or building motor scooters... Be that as it may, I have nothing but admiration and respect for all the other scooter clubs in Australia... My greatest admiration however goes out to PLSC and the way that clubmates help out other clubmates, without even being asked. Many thanks Mark & Phil..... Love & regards from, John f.

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Well said John

lucky phil
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Very kind words indeed John.

Also Steve Kelly did offer to pick up all of the remaining scoots.
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Well said John.
Would also like to thank Tall Steve who picked up my scooter when I was in Kalgoorlie and dropped it off at my house.
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Nice one John, couldn't have put it better mesel.... ;)
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Oldham Mark
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19 Oct 2014, 10:29 #6

Thanks for the very kind words John.

In truth, any one of us would have done you point out that is just the kind of club we are. A lot of people, in particularly and especially the committee members, put a lot of hard work in to making sure this remains the best scooter club in Australia. I have been involved in Scootering for over 30 years and PLSC is by far the best club I have ever been involved with....ever.

wayne harris
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How true all the above is people, we do look after our own don't we , however Mr Fodes good things do tend to happen to good people , our club has a wealth of them .

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Can't agree more. I would like to single out Oldham Mark for praise (but as he's no longer my boss I don't have to :lol: ). This is a fantastic club full of fantastic people (far too many to name).

I'm proud to be part of PLSC :D :D
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