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I wanted to post information for new collectors, or collectors that are not in California, or collectors overseas to help them understand about the DSSH (ice cream cone back) pins.

There are several types of releases from the Disney Studio Store Hollywood (DSSH) - this store is on Hollywood Blvd and is across the street from the Dolby (Oscars) theater. It is in the heart of Hollywood itself.  All the pins from DSSH have an ice cream cone as the back print on the pins.

(1) announced releases - these are the releases that come out on the monthly flyers. Some are Online and some are at the store. I have a blog posted in the forum telling about my April 2018 experience at a DSSH release. I have been to more since then, and always got at least one "good" number, but the process has been pretty much the same each time. The online releases happen through a website link that is posted at exactly the day/time on the flyer and the link is on the DSSH Facebook site. As far as I know anyone can try for these, even people overseas although the time may be in the middle of the night for some. I don't recall if you have to have it shipped to only a US address, but you might has a friend's address lined up just in case that is all they accept.

(2) Surprise releases - these occur randomly (hence 'surprise'). Sometimes it might be around a holiday - Father's Day, Mother's Day, Easter, Christmas - OR is might just be in the middle of the week (Big Head Kittens in July 2018). The LE on these are usually less than the announced releases, anywhere from 150 to 250.  The Big Head Kittens might have been 300 or 400 though. Sometimes these may be Jumbo pins also.

(3) Pin Trader Delights (PTDs) - these are smaller pins, on a special card and the character pictured will have some type of ice cream treat that they are holding, or eating, or next to. It is always a set of 3 pins that are released and they do not usually have any relation to one another other than a Disney movie/show/character. Some people only collect the PTDs, but most people just want the ones from the movie or character they collect: Zootopia (for me), Duck Tales, Snow White, Bambi, Mulan, etc. The cost is $16 and comes with an ice cream sundae. There is a variety of ice cream and toppings you can select from. Each person can buy TWO pins/sundaes but not two of the same character. Sometimes the LE are different on the pins. 150 is the very lowest, but usually 300 is the number, although I have also seen 500. Not all the pins will have the same LE that are released. Hopefully the pin you want will have a higher LE (500) so you will have a better chance of getting it. Depending upon the PTD character sometimes they are gone in 2 hours, others last a week or more. In general it seems any movie character goes first, then tv characters. Poor Mickey is usually last if he is in the group.... just so many Mickeys already. 

I think I have covered it all, please comment or add if you think of something!

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I collect Zootopia, Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jungle Cruise. Also Disney Princess "sets" like mystery boxes and starter/booster sets.