Official Sediment Video

All about Pinback's album Information Retrieved 2012

Official Sediment Video

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<<<<......He said it was amazing!...>>>>>>

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Like I said on Twitter earlier, I love this video - and I think Sediment is probably the best track on IR. But I don't know if the video goes with what I expected from the song.

I listen to Sediment and I think of cold-war era spy games. There's a tiny element of cloak-and-dagger to the video, but it's definitely more frenetic than I expected. I guess I was expecting something more sedate (like a sustained version of the slow-motion bits).

I'm not sure any video could live up to how beautiful a track I consider Sediment to be, though, so I might just be splitting hairs.

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Super cool. I love the dynamics of it all. Really well done.
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Damn, I just came across this one. Didn't see it before.

Sad to say it, but I'm not a fan of this video.
I like this LIVE-video a lot more. (

Dunno, maybe I would wanna see much less info. I have to admit though, I'm not a "story hunter". But I guess there must be much more info on a hidden theme in "Information Retrieved" in this video. Rob stated once he was "disappointed" or something like that, that not much people were into the hidden messages etc.

Anyway, everytime I hear this song, I just melt away. It's so fabulous. Probably it's in my top 10 or even top 5 list of Pinback songs. Both vocal parts are superb to me. And allthough I dig their solo stuff, to me this is a typical example of 1+1=3!

Oh, and by the way, miss them guys...