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July 11th, 2018, 9:56 pm #1

In the wake of Zetaboards' announcement that they are migrating all forums to the Tapatalk platform, we have taken this opportunity to move to our own self-hosted solution, which can be found HERE:

>> Bootleg Games Central Forum <<

All posts and user accounts have been migrated to the new forum and you should have received a PM containing your new account details.

User accounts on this forum are now set to read-only, meaning you can no longer post new topics or replies here.

Don't worry about anything being lost - we'll keep this forum open as read-only for as long as possible and are currently working to make sure everything has been successfully transferred to the new forum.
If anything can not be transferred it will be archived. We're all preservationists at heart so we aren't intending to let anything disappear forever.