Question about TV Kickboxing plug n play game

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Hi again! Long time i wasn't here :)

I wanted to ask about some info about this console i bought some years ago, but i just remembered earlier today.
This is the model: ... /189910.ip

I have saw same screenshots with another models, so i was intrigued about it. In some sites says it was made by DDR, but as that is the term for dance dance revolution i wasn't too sure about that XD

An ideal for me would catch some manual or clean screenshots of the kickboxing game for data purpouses.

JUSTICE! (and a lot of engrish too XD)

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I can barely make out a Hyperkin logo in the lower left of the packaging. That actually explains the "DDR" thing, believe it or not - one of Hyperkin's online storefronts is

Still doesn't answer the question of who the original manufacturer is (since Hyperkin typically rebrands stuff from Chinese OEMs), or what the interface looks like, though. My guess would be Qi Sheng Long (a.k.a. Hamy), who manufactured several of Hyperkin's clone consoles such as the Retron 3, but I'm nowhere near certain.
More findings!

Apparently there's a Coleco-branded version of this same console out there as well - see, for instance: ... 19204.html

From the screenshots, I can confirm that this is not a variation of any of the following boxing-related plug-and-plays:
* Conny's "TV Virtual Fighter" (also distributed by SDW as "Virtual Kickboxing")
* DreamGear's "Boxing Champ" (16-bit from Macro Winners)
* Macro Winners' "TV Boxing" (8-bit, also includes VT03 Famicom ROM hacks) - also sold through Hyperkin's DDR Game brand

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From the packaging it looks like an ABL (Advance Bright Limited) thing. I've seen the same one pop up in eBay auctions in the UK so presumably it was sold here in some capacity too.

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I always wondered where exactly ABL's stuff was sold. All of their stuff seems to have been sold in the UK, and if Youtube is any indication then the N-Joypad was released in France as well. I'd be interested to see if there's any NTSC versions of their systems tbh /:)
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