WIP R'ed of Charizarth

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WIP R'ed of Charizarth

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Name: R'ed
Age: 19
Gender: Male, usually.
Sexual Orientation: lololol?
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Craft/Rank: flit weirdling pitfighterBismuthrider


all the hats, all of them


HE HAS NONE no not really. But between his amazing ability to stare blankly at the person talking to (or at) him no matter the subject manner and his extreme reluctance to speak to, well... anyone, he tends to give the impression that there isn't anything between the ears. It's not true, but you wouldn't be able to tell that that first impression was wrong by looking at him.

Yes, R'ed is ridiculously stoic. But just because he doesn't show it doesn't mean that things don't affect him, or that he doesn't care. He will just probably show it by being immensely awkward. And linefacing like a boss.

Oh, yeah, that reluctance to speak? Means he mostly communicates through body language and the occassional word. Sometimes a lucky individual will hear him speak an entire sentence.


how did you get here

why do you have a dragon

what do you mean "you want to be the very best that no one ever was" that doesn't make sense

R'ed (then Ashulet, technically. He decided early on that he was Red 4 lyf, because... kid logic) was born and raised on a herdbeast ranch that also had a decent sized chicken flock (and, coincidentally, also happened to be near a town that frequently held cockfights). He was pretty quiet from the beginning, and initially his parents were worried about him, simply from the lack of noise and general chill-ness of their firstborn. But he grew up normally, save for the lack of speech until he was three, and he quickly developed a certain talent with animals. It was because he tended to observe behavior through the tried and true method of Blank Stare at Everything, but it was noticed, and gave him a bit more leeway with the animals.

When he was twelve, a rooster hatched. It was a vicious bastard of a rooster and it hated everything. Red immediately took to it, named it Pidgey, and started training it to fight (the logic being "eh, can't get any worse, he already tries to kill the other chickens" and "my family could use some extra cash"). He took Pidgey to fight a short while after, and... lost. Pidgey got trashed, but lived, and R'ed was laughed out of the building.

That was when he decided that he would show them all by being the very best. He nursed Pidgey back to health, and after a few months of TRAINING MONTAGE

Any pets?

Pikachu, a gold firelizard. She's scarred up and is missing an eye, and is extremely aggressive towards other firelizards. She is less aggressive towards humans, but she's still bitey and rather vicious. Don't make sudden moves or approach her blind side.

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Name: Charizarth
Color: Bismuth
Age: 3

Appearance: Charizarth is, like most bismuths, colorful. His body is mostly intense shades of red and orange, with bright blue and green underwings and a very, very yellow underside. He's rather large for a bismuth at 28 feet, and he looks rather comical on the ground thanks to being a giant pudgeball of a dragon.

In flight, he... still looks rather silly, because he is a round dragon that is rather agile in the air. Turns out the pudge hides a lot of muscle. WHO KNEW?

Personality: grumpiest grumpypants

Other stuff you want to tell us: what am i doing
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