Telar - Journeywoman Weaver / Candidate

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Telar - Journeywoman Weaver / Candidate

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Name: Telar
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Potentially Bisexual / Undecided
Offworlder? No
Craft/Rank: Journeywoman Weaver

Appearance: Ever since she was a child, Telar has kept her straight, shiny black hair no longer than her shoulders. It got in the way otherwise, and blew in her face when she was chasing after her brothers, or simply standing outside of the hold. She and her twin brother share the same light blue eyes, often complimented on, and what she considers to be her prettiest feature.

Standing at five feet, Telar has always had a small form and figure, but it never stopped her from playing outside in the cold. If anything, it made it much easier to conceal herself in games of hide-and-seek, games she and her brothers enjoyed when they were younger. While she did eventually grow into womanhood, the change was modest and her chest small.

Telar prefers wearing shirts and pants that serve a purpose, weather-and-function-wise, to something more fashionable. As a result, she doesn't stray far from her brown, insulated tunic and durable trousers. However, the move from High Reaches to Peregrine has brought a drop in temperature, throwing her wardrobe slightly out of balance.

Personality: Telar tries her best to maintain a positive attitude in most situations and have a smile ready for everyone. She has a quiet laugh and a quiet voice, making it hard for her to be heard sometimes. She tends to be louder and more goofy with family and friends as opposed to first acquaintences. And, while she doesn't always speak to everyone, she is always communicating with her eyes and facial expressions.

Telar is not entirely socially awkward, but can be shy and anxious in unfamiliar social situations. As a result, she almost never starts the conversation (when she does, it is never smooth). Inwardly, she always envied that her twin seemed to have inherited both the unlimited supply of confidence and social fluency. To offset this flaw, Telar is a great listener and is always ready to give a friend comfort via a turned ear and a hand on the shoulder.

Telar is happiest with a friend at her side and an animal at her feet; sadly, Telar finds making new friends in a completely new setting difficult. Overly perceptive, she becomes concerned with offending someone by accident, coming off the wrong way or making some other social error she isn't outwardly aware of.

History: Telar was born and raised in High Reaches Hold, a place known for its cold weather and sharp, bitter winds. Taught survival skills with her brothers at an early age, she knows how to brave the colder temperatures and slick mountain surfaces without hurting herself, but not much of the milder weather Peregrine experiences. Her mother Maree passed away when she was eight, leaving her to be raised by her father, Ralon and other foster-women of the hold.

Her twin brother, Domick, and older brother, Castor, were her best friends and companions for most of her childhood, going exploring with her around the hold and the shore where ships sometimes frequented. The majority of Telar's female friends came from her introduction in Weavercraft at the hold when she was thirteen. Domick took an interest to shipbuilding, her father's line of work, while Castor began to look into winemaking.

Months after Telar turned sixteen, Domick was Searched as a candidate for High Reaches Weyr. Because Telar was so excited for her brother, Ralon brought her to eventually attend the hatching, as a surprise. Though they had poor seats in the stands, Telar sat at the edge of her seat the entire time, focused on the eggs and on Domick. And when all the eggs had hatched, Domick was left standing, along with a couple other boys. It was the first time she had seen him look so hurt.

By the time Telar was eighteen, Castor was immersed in the kitchens while Domick had gone off to sea. She spent her free time earning Journeyman in weaving, writing in her notebook and playing with their canine, Faxon. While she enjoyed weaving and knitting, it wasn't enough. So when a Searchrider from Peregrine came to the hold and sought her out, she shouldered her pack and gave High Reaches one last, long look.

Any pets? High Reaches Hold: Faxon, canine

Other stuff you want to tell us: Telar feels uneasy around offworlders and new technology. Riding a spaceship as opposed to a dragon would completely freak her out. She realizes that Peregrine is full of offworlders, and has heard all the rumors, but isn't going to actively seek out offworlder company.