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Here at Peregrine, we don't really care all that much about who can write the biggest, longest, fanciest app. Detail is nice, of course - but really, a profile in our game serves only two purposes: to help other players as a reference for your character, and (for Candidates) to help us design a dragon you will enjoy. As a result, we have a no-approval system here: profiles are mandatory for all characters, but they need not be approved by a mod or admin for you to begin playing.

The only characters who need to be pre-approved before they can be played are listed here. They are listed under "Audition." If you want to make an audition-only character, then you need to post them in the Character Creation forum and wait for admin approval. If the character you are making is both available and not listed as audition-only, then all you need to do is fill out the profile form (which can be found here) and post it straight into the Residents forum. Then you're all set to begin playing!

If you want to post a work-in-progress, please post it in the Character Creation forum with "WIP" in the title. When it is finished, update the title and bump the topic so we know to move it for you. A completed WIP will be treated no differently from a character form posted directly into the Residents subforum; we do not "approve" WIPs any more than any non-audition form.

With that said, please bear in mind that the fast-track process doesn't give you license to ignore the rules of the game. We expect you to have read the rules and character guidelines before you create a character. If you have a character that ignores our guidelines, breaks the rules, or is in some way problematic, we will contact you via PM. You will be given one chance to revise your profile, and if it is not revised within a week, the character may be suspended. If you continue to play the character without revising, you may be suspended. So please keep this in mind.

We will try to PM you within a day if there is a problem in the character form, so that you aren't playing for a long time with mistakes. But if there is something we miss or something that flies under the radar at a first readthrough and we don't see it until a week later, please be gracious when we contact you about it. You shouldn't have broken the rules in the first place, after all! We will be understanding of your mistakes, and we hope you'll be understanding of ours (if ever we make them).
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