H'lin and Charth

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So I looked at my little bro and I told him in the boldest voice I could manage...

I was moving to alaska, and I was going to train polar bears to fire acid from cannons attached to their backs.

He proceeded to ask me if my fall had damaged my brain.


Name: H'lin
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual.
Offworlder? No
Craft/Rank: Greenrider, Wingleader.




Other stuff you want to tell us:


Name: Charth
Color: Green
Age: Ten


Charth is probably what would happen if you shoved a lioness into the body of a dragon. Her build is stocky, to say the least. Short, muscular legs lead to a body built for endurance, unusual enough for a green. She isn't flighty, flittery kind of girl her sisters are, and instead Charth is the squatting bull dog to their graceful greyhounds. Her neck is shorter then most dragons and just as thick as the rest of her, leading to a more square shaped head then most of her kind.

Thus, simply to say, Charth is not pretty. She would never be pretty, even if not for something very noticable on her hide. She has scars. The reason being isn't some horrible horror story, however... the green just likes to have a bit of blood in her mating flights. Most of her scars are concentrated around her shoulders and neck from flights. She's a fairly pleasant color, despite her otherwise uglyness. Her color is a relaxing light green that sticks out to a surprising degree.

Personality:While her Rider is moody and wild, Charth is calm. This dragoness is rarely phased by anything, and maintains a cool aura above all else. She is nearly possessive of this aura of hers, and to interrupt it or prove that she is indeed just as easily bothered as any other Green under it is to earn her wrath. She absolutely loves to snark at people- Did you mess up on that turn? Snark! But oh don't worry dear. I'm sure if you pull your head out of your tail and try NOT to mess everything up, you'll do perfect.

She is a deeply possessive creature, disliking when her rider spends time away from her to speak to other dragons and riders. She extends this possessive behavior to anyone added to their small circle of friends, eventually growing to the point many will jokingly remark that she hordes those she likes. She simply snorts and returns to attempting to look cool and distant, rolling her eyes to look oh so dignified as she ignores that they are completely right. She completes this nature with being more protective then a Queen brooding over a clutch.

While her rider tries to cover up his affectionate behavior with insults, Charth is outright a demonstrative creature. She will award licks to those she likes, covering them in dragon drool and affording them the occasional nuzzle so that they do not forget how privileged they are that she likes them. She's a proud girl, that's for sure.

The green isn't above a bit of flirting, winking at males and preening herself just right for them. H'lin is strictly against this behavior, which just further encourages his dragon's outrageous flirting. Though when a male shows actual romantic interest in Charth, she tends to discard them. It takes one hell of a male to even grab her attention in Flights, let alone as a mate. One of the few times she lets her calm facade vanish is when she's in Flight, exposing the savage female that lives underneath the cool exterior.

Underneath that facade she is an incredibly fierce dragon. She has a fearsome temper, and it's only compounded more when she has to give up her facade of being a calm and collected dragoness. Charth lives for a fight, an argument, something to get her blood boiling. Of course, the only time she ever injures other dragons is during Flights... which is why generally only the bravest males chase her and her hide is covered in scars.

Other stuff you want to tell us: Charth castrates blues.
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