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Name: Delaney
Age: --
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Exclusively homosexual
Offworlder? ---
Craft/Rank: ---

Appearance: 5'8", stocky/chubby/whatever Politically Correct way you want to put it. Two inch(ish) of hair that is a brownish red and a mini mop. Big hands. Not handsome but good looking enough.

Personality: Prefers to take a back seat in conversation, likes to smile (it is crooked and wide, does not really make him look any better). Super dork. Has no problem being >:[ when someone is being a jerk and being that Huge Guy Standing Behind Another Guy To Be Threatening. Likes to swim. Very defensive about his sexuality, sees it as personal, and it will make him violent if someone pushes the subject. Otherwise mild mannered. If in a relationship, is very monogamous and expects the same, does not know what qualifies as a 'relationship' as reading between the lines is not a skill. Likes dragons/whers and is intrigued by hybrids, but leery of having someone in his head 24/7.

History: Fuck I don't even know.

Any pets?

Other stuff you want to tell us: Yep.
Leola of Gold Ledath (FFAA55)
Weyrling B'lank of Tanazite Abbelloth (CC00FF)
Cookingcrafter Vityai and hybrid Taravi
Peregrine Mechanic Kr'stof of bronze Regiuth (CC9900)
Weavercrafter Natai and blue Natask (00CCFF)
Leathercrafter/Wherhandler Siata of Bronze Siask(FF6633)
Peregrine Botanist Norm Spellman
Peregrine Psychiatrist Natasha Bardot%mh%-90%mh%