Candidate Ashalynn

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Candidate Ashalynn

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.:.Name.:. Ashalynn
.:.Age.:. 20
.:.Gender.:. female
.:.Sexual Orientation.:. Bisexual but leans more toward men
.:.Offworlder? .:. No
.:.Craft/Rank.:. Journeyman Smith


Standing at five feet three inches Ash is short. She is also slender of build with broader shoulders than most young women have. Her arms and shoulders are also more muscular due to her work as a Smith. She has sapphire blue eyes that sit in a slender heart shaped face. Her face is framed by waist-length light blonde hair that is more wavy than curly. She is fair skinned and burns easy if she doesn't take precautions. Her typical dress is a tunic and trousers. You will not see her in a skirt or dress unless she is forced to wear them since she is your typical tomboy. As far as color is concerned she goes for whatever strikes her mood. The only colors she will not wear are orange and yellow because she doesn't think they look good on her. She also tends to wear boots year round because they offer the best protection for her feet.


Strong-willed, stubborn, sarcastic, reserved, observant, loyal, slightly guarded


.:.Any pets? .:. no but wants a flitter

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