Revised layout of unplayed pieces

Revised layout of unplayed pieces

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18 May 2014, 17:34 #1

In development for some time now,
a revised layout of the unplayed pieces is now available.

As of July 9, 2014:
- The new arrangement is now the default,
but you can go back to the old one if you want.

To return to old new layout, click DISPLAY OPTIONS either on
the login page, the lobby, or the popup from clicking the ? icon at a table.
Or click the monitor icon near the top of hte table screen, next to the sound control icon.

Then choose "Original Layout".
The change happens immediately ... even in the middle of a game.

if you want to return to the New layout,
follow the same procedure, but choose "2014 Layout".

What Changed:
The biggest change is that the 4-square pieces have moved from the
right side (nearest the playing board) to the far left ... to lessen any
temptation that new players might have for playing them too early.

I then found that I liked this new layout and how it looks as pieces
disappear after being played. It seemed to make it easier to take in
at a glance what is left.

I also found that getting used to the new layout took a very short time -
a matter of a few games. You can "give it a try" (and easily go back)
while watching games or playing against Tollie if making a change is a concern.

Here is a comparison of the two layouts, which don't differ radically.

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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09 Jul 2014, 06:43 #2

The above post was edited on July 9
to reflect making the new arrangement the default.

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10 May 2017, 18:33 #3

A third arrangement (overall, but effectively a second arrangement for any one player)
of the pieces is used on small screens to make the boxes a little shorter in height. phonepieces.png In this case, the i* straight pieces and the V3 have some extra space added
around them to make grabbing them for play a little easier.

For comparison this is the standard layout: standardpieces.png