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20 Mar 2017, 12:06 #1

Toby, it is funny thing, and let's see if it become popular.
But did you really planned this way???
Start points look crazy, is it really good?
Moreover, red can cover green start point. Argggggg!

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21 Mar 2017, 01:56 #2

It is not supposed to look like that!
And of course no color should be able to cover another color's starting square!

Looking through the logs, I see there was a similar occurrence at one time
for someone else.

I will investigate this and find out where those strange numbers are coming from!

The starting squares are supposed to be in the squares shown here,
and I've seen a few games, none starting like you show.

UPDATE: I found the bug!

Some code was out of order.
The starting squares were based on the PREVIOUS game type of the table,
which was fine if it was a C2 table ... but not so fine if its last use was
for 2-colors game on the smaller board.

It is now fixed.

Thanks for reporting this bug.