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The link to this page is joining.peerliss.org, or click on Joining in the top menu.

[Recruiting] - Peerless

As part of its upcoming 3-year anniversary celebration, Peerless is opening up its recruiting to website visitors! If you're fairly active on GMS-Bera, chances are you've heard of our guild and have seen our guildies before. We are the first guild on Bera (and possibly on GMS) to reach 100 members on the afternoon of the OPQ patch in March 2007. We also strive to be a co-ed guild, and as a result, there have been numerous romantic stories of players in our guild meeting one another and eventually getting married. This guild has evolved to where it is today without ever having accepted any donations (and having rejected quite a few donations!) from members, and it plans to stay that way, because it is the philosophy of Peerless that the guild is for the members, and not the other way around. This guild has been led by the founder's vision to dispel the myth that a 100-member guild won't work or can't otherwise be good. For this to work however, we need good members like you. Read on!

Rules & Requirements:

Maturity. Among the things Peerless is known for is friendly, respectful members who are college-aged or mature. This is especially important in a 100-member guild such as ours. If you are a respectful player then you will be a good match for our guild :)
Levels 120-180 As part of our 3-year birthday celebration, we are offering a special 5-level discount to website visitors only, allowing you to apply 5 levels below the level limits: Levels 115-180. In addition, Priests and Dragon Knights are given a 20 level discount (95-180). Formerly, we introduced a level disparity between guys and girls to maintain the coed nature of our guild. The higher level most of our members are, the more options will be available to the guild as a whole in terms of hunts, runs, and other guild events. We do make exceptions to the recruiting rule in some cases. In the past, we have made exceptions to the recruiting rule for an HP warrior, a lukless Priest, a lukless F/P mage, a dexless DK, and a famous video editor on Youtube. Rule of thumb: if you're special, apply! As for our current members who are below the recruiting requirement, either an exception was made for them, or they joined our guild before the recruiting requirements were raised, and have been active ever since. Finally, these level requirements do not apply anymore once you join our guild. So if you level past the upper limit, we will not boot you; in fact, we will be very proud of you :)
Onrank legits only. No form of hacking (past, present, or future), scamming, or any other violation of the Nexon ToS (Terms of Service) is tolerated in Peerless. I can't be more clear about this. Don't do it.
Activeness. Generally, unless members otherwise inform us via the guild BBS or via the guild vacation thread on our website, we have a procedure to expel members who have not been on for either one or two consecutive patches. In expelling members, we always provide 24-72 hours notice via the boot list thread on our website, so members have a chance to contact us and explain their situation. Vacations, school projects, exams, illness, and numerous other situations are all acceptable reasons being inactive and such members are allowed to stay in the guild.
No guild-hopping. We're looking for committed members who are looking for a great guild to help make it even better, and to make lasting friendships and have loads of fun along the way.
No spamming, fming, or asking for favors in guild chat. To be courteous to other members, please refrain from spamming, fming ("S> ...") or asking for freebies or free favors in guild chat. Fming is encouraged, however, on the guild bbs, as well as in the Trading section on the guild website.
The rest of the rules may be found here.

What you get for following these rules:

A friendly environment for mapling with a respected, fun, active, and supportive guild.
A peaceful environment for mapling with no hacking, spamming, fming, or begging tolerated.
A guild that is proud that it has never accepted donations from anybody, and intends to stay that way.
A private vent server available to all members!
Guild events: hunts, runs, crogging, sack drops, fm parties, and more!
A chance to appear in videos or animated videos on Youtube with our guild that you can show your friends!
A fantastic guild website and forums developed by two guild web designers and updated by five guild moderators.
A chance to showcase your talent through our website, whether you're a video editor, artist, or have other creative talents.
Your levelling progress will be recorded as part of the Guild Milestones on our website.
Level 100+'s can participate in our Power Rankings.
We have multiple talented siggie artists who can help you create your very own personal siggie.
Free email forwarding address of your choice: <your name> at <guild domain name>.
Free subdomain of your choice at: <your name> dot <guild domain name> for you to use for your website or for your content on the guild website.
Entertainment: Guild event videos, comics, virtual trading cards, static and animated siggies, and much more!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is your guild symbol?
A: Our guild symbol is the grey-and-yellow butterfly with the vertically-divided grey-and-white background. Our guild symbol is also prominently shown on at the top of the guild banner on the top of this page.

Q: Do you have a guild meeting room?
A: Yes, our guild meeting room is in ch13 fm1.

Q: Why was the level limit different for girls than for guys?
A: As mentioned previously, we are a co-ed guild and in our experience, such a discrepancy is necessary to maintain the co-ed nature of our guild.

Q: Why is the level limit so high?
A: We have a reputation to be an extremely selective guild and do not often have many vacant spots, and as such, we can be quite selective. However, Sleepywood users need not worry because as mentioned above, Peerless is extending a 5-level discount to Sleepywood members to allow them to apply 5 levels below the recruiting level limits (as reflected in a caption above).

Q: I'm below the level limit (including the 5-level discount), but I want to join!
A: From time to time, exceptions are made for special players (as explained above). In the past, we have made exceptions for an HP warrior, a dexless DK, a lukless Priest, a lukless F/P Mage, and a famous video editor on Youtube. However, these players are typically close to the level limits.

Q: I see someone who is at or below my level in your guild, so why can't I join?
A: These are either members for which a special exception was made (as described above), or who have dedicated themselves to the guild ever since they joined when the recruiting level limits were lower. Once again, if you think we should make a special exception for you, tell us :)

Q: Can my level 190 main join?
A: Although we cannot invite any player that is above the max level limit, we do raise the max limit periodically, so you just need to check back occasionally to see if we raised the limit to include your level.

Q: Will I be booted from the guild if I level past the level limit?
A: No. As mentioned previously, the recruiting level limits only apply to applicants who wish to join the guild. They do not apply to players once they are in the guild. If you level past the level limit, we will be happy for you and very proud of you (because the upper limit is raised periodically, only a handful of guild members have been able to achieve this thus far).

Q: Will I be booted from the guild if I level past peerliss?
A: No. In the one-year history of the guild, this has happened only once, and we threw a party to celebrate that player's outstanding feat. Within 12 hours, however, peerliss took the lead again, and has been in the lead ever since ;p

Q: I'm not on the rankings. Can I still join?
A: No, sorry. We require onrank legits of all our members. If you were temp-banned for harrassment or for smegas, wait until you're back on rankings again, then ask us :)

Q: Do you guys GPQ?
A: This really depends on the members' interests and moods. We currently GPQ on average about once or twice a month (usually on weekends), sometimes more. Whenever there are 6 or more people interested in GPQ, the founder, the leader, or a Jr. will get those 6 people into a GPQ.

Q: How do I rank up in the guild?
A: Ranking up in Peerless is based on level. The rank-advancement levels for our guild are:
Level 80: Omnipotent
Level 100: Omniscient
Level 120: Omnipresent
Level 140: Omnislash
Level ??: Chosen
Master: Peerless

Q: Can I become Jr. Master?
A: There are currently no level requirements for Jr. Master (Level ??: Chosen). However, Jr. Masters are selected only on an as-needed basis by the leadership team based on the following criteria: level, time with guild, friendliness, maturity, activeness in game, activeness on website, activeness on vent, familiarity with rules, reputation among leader, elder, and juniors, and general reputation in and out of guild. In other words, you can't ask to become a Jr.; we will offer you a Jr. position if we feel we need one and if we feel you are the best candidate for it.


If you would like to join Peerless, please create a New Topic in the join forum introducing yourself, saying why you want to join Peerless, and telling us whether you agree with the rules on rules.peerliss.org. If you wish, you may use the following form:
[+] Spoiler
Why you left your last guild:
Why you would like to join Peerless:
Special Talent (if applying below the level limit):
Then, please contact one of us in the game to expedite the process or if you have any questions (that is, if you do not wish to wait for us to contact you once we have received this information):

peerliss (15x Dark Knight) ~ Guild Founder/Elder
Cioudiss (14x Aran) ~ Jr. Master
bebejo (17x Shadower) ~ Jr. Master
Valcherion (15x Bowmaster) ~ Jr. Master
Kaniela808 (16x Bowmaster) ~ Jr. Master
Deadman9o (19x Paladin) ~ Jr. Master
squidw0rd (17x Night Lord) ~ Jr. Master
KousetsuTaz (14x Aran) ~ Jr. Master
Lyriele (10x Ice Mage) ~ Jr. Master

Sneak Previews:
[+] Spoiler

One of our guild videos =)

One of our guild events ;D

Another guild event ;)

Our guild website, lol
Thank you for reading, and Happy Mapling! :D

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