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Guild Leadership
From 9.14.07-6.30.09, ffcloudff7 presided over the guild as Leader. peerliss continues to support the guild as Elder.
ffcloudff7, bebejo, Valcherion, Kaniela808, Deadman9o, squidw0rd, Tazfelis, DinanEX, and Lyriele act as Jr. Masters. Jr. Masters also adhere to the Jr. Master rules.
All Jr. Masters act as Zakum Hosts.

Peerless Guild rule: No abusing the GUILD CHAT feature.
Examples of abusing guild chat: swearing, spamming, ranting, immaturity, drama, disrespect, attitude, ALLCAPS, FMing, asking for or giving away freebies, asking for help transfering items, asking for help selling items, demanding a reply, or spreading BS in guild chat, even jokingly.

Want some examples?
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[Guild chat] Mapler101: stfu besh! <-- swearing fail
[Guild chat] Mapler102: @@@@@ <-- spamming fail
[Guild chat] Mapler103: w/e forget all this bs <-- ranting fail
[Guild chat] Mapler104: why do i need to follow guild rules? o.o <-- immaturity fail
[Guild chat] Mapler105: no, why don't you shut up yourself <-- drama fail
[Guild chat] Mapler106: wtf why did he leave the guild? <-- drama fail 2
[Guild chat] Mapler107: wtf how come no one is replying to me? >.> <-- emo fail
[Guild chat] Mapler108: idc if you're Junior Master so what? <-- disrespect fail
[Guild chat] Mapler109: so what if i break guild rules? >_> <-- attitude fail
[Guild chat] Mapler110: HEY ANYONE FIND A SKANDA YET? <-- ALLCAPS fail
[Guild chat] Mapler111: s> apples 2m each <-- FMing fail (however, leech and pt2x is ok)
[Guild chat] Mapler112: anyone have equips i can have? <-- asking for freebies fail
[Guild chat] Mapler113: anyone want some free equips? <-- giving away freebies fail
[Guild chat] Mapler114: can some1 help me transfer items? <-- transfer fail
[Guild chat] Mapler115: can some1 help me put some items in their fm store? <-- help selling items fail
[Guild chat] Mapler116: stfu besh. LOL just kidding ;p <-- joking fail
[Guild chat] Mapler117: whoa how hard is it to give me a reply??? <-- demanding a reply fail
[Guild chat] Mapler118: hey this noob in fm says we're scammers. is it true? <-- spreading BS fail
[Guild chat] Mapler119: hey this guy just said "Peerless noobs" <-- spreading BS fail 2
Please note that effective March 28, 2009, Peerless will only have ONE guild rule, above. And because there is only ONE guild rule, ALL violations of this rule will be considered SERIOUS rule violations. Please respond to guild leaders when they are warning you (via guild chat, via whispers, or by accepting their chat request). If you do NOT respond to a warning, you run the risk of being expelled immediately from the guild. Members are expected to treat warnings seriously if they wish to remain in the guild. Please help enforce this rule in guild by reminding members when they forget, and taking screenshots of repeat offenders. Thank you for helping make the Peerless guild experience a good one!

Nexon's Terms of Service (ToS) must be followed by all members.

Older version of the rules, which are no longer in effect, and other details:
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There's good news and bad news. Well, no one likes bad news, so why don't we just get it out of the way first.

"Guild chat" in the following rules refers to guild chat, alliance chat, party chat (when in a guild party), and To All chat (when in an area with all Peerless members).

1. Maturity. Our members are all college-aged or mature, respectable players and we intend it to remain that way as the guild evolves. Please don't expect any form of emotional babysitting from the guild.
2. No hacking or glitching. If I find anyone hacking or glitching, it will lead to immediate ban without warning. No ex-hackers or ex-glitchers are allowed in this guild. Violating Nexon's terms of service is not allowed. No joking around about hacking or talking about hacking either. But talking about hackers is okay.
3. No spamming, arguing, or drama in guild chat. Take them to whispers.
4. No scamming, of guildies or non-guild players. No ex-scammers are allowed in this guild either.
5. No FMing in guild chat ("B>",. "S>", etc.). Use the guild bbs and/or the guild website instead. However, typing buying or selling in plain english once a day in guild chat is allowed.
6. No killstealing (ksing), of guildies or non-guild players, except against those who ks'ed first. However, killstealing in ch1 HHG1 (Channel 1 Henesys Hunting Ground I) is allowed. Furthermore, killstealing Hall of Shame players (players who loot from Peerless Zakum) will not violate any guild rule until they pay for their loot and are removed from that list.
7. No begging or asking (for free training, for mesos, for items, for "borrowing" equips, for free nx, for defaming someone, for helping sell something in store, for account info, for passwords, for pin, etc.). However, asking for training parters (not free training) is allowed and encouraged. [updated 10.18.07, TY Majinsin] Also, posting buying/selling topics is allowed (and encouraged) on the guild bbs as well as the guild website. Finally, the leader, having spent thirty levels at FoG and knowing how grueling FoG training can be, will allow asking in guild chat for FoG plat holding (and Gobi ch, and Himes ch) during repotting.
8. No rejoining the guild after leaving (this includes to GPQ), unless the leaders give you permission before leaving or the leaders later agree to let you rejoin. A player cannot rejoin after leaving if peerliss or any Junior objects, and peerliss frequently objects.
9. No swearing, trashtalking, whining, ranting, TALKING IN ALL CAPS, or with excessive characters ("@@@", "!!!!") in guild chat or guild bbs. No transmitting any form of trashtalking in guild chat.
10. If you are going to be inactive for a period of time, and wish to stay in the guild, tell us by posting on the Vacation thread.
11. Respect your fellow guild members (especially Jr. Masters) and be a friendly guildie. Let's make this not only the Biggest but the Best Guild on Bera! Please do not be disrespectful to other non-guild players.
12. No harrassing maple celebrities. Bera's top players have earned the respect of the maple community. Don't hurt our guild reputation by tracking and then harrassing maple celebrities or trying to get them to talk. [updated 10.5.2007]
13. No looting boss run drops. Only the party/event leader can loot boss drops. The party/event leader must then distribute drops within 24 hours according to jobs and levels among the party members who survived.
14. No talking about controversial or inappropriate topics (sex, religion, homosexuality, sexism, or racism). No smegaing about them either. In our experience this can only lead to flame wars that are disruptive to the entire guild, and people getting hurt.
15. No unlegit zhelms. If we discover any member with an unlegit zhelm, they will be expelled.
16. No account-sharing with anyone other than a RL girlfriend or a RL brother/sister. Characters not created or trained by you cannot join the guild.
17. Please don't be offended when no one answers your question in guild chat. People either don't know or are afk. If no one answers, that means no one there knows. No one wants to be in a guild where everyone must say "dunno" to every question asked. Also, we are a very active guild, and 20 "dunnos" to every question posed is just too much for guild chat.
18. No joking around about breaking these rules.
19. Help enforce these rules by reminding others if they forgot and broke these rules.

But most importantly,

20. Have fun! You are in the first 100-man guild on Bera, and perhaps even GMS. Enjoy the company of your fellow guildies in and out of the game! And let us know how we can make this an even better guild experience for you ;3

Guild Party Quest
If there are at least 6 members interested in GPQ, peerliss or a Jr. Master will get those members into a GPQ.

Guild Meeting Room
Our guild meeting room is located at ch 13 fm 1 effective 1.12.08.

Peerless Recruiting Criteria
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Nice active legit levels 30-54. abolished 4.30.07
Nice active legit females levels 45-69. abolished 5.07
Nice active legit females levels 45-75. abolished 6.18.07
Nice active legit females levels 45-85 or males 60-80. abolished 7.29.07
Nice active legit females levels 50-90 or males 70-90. abolished 8.21.07
Nice active legit females levels 55-95 or males 75-95. abolished 8.27.07
Nice active legit females levels 80-100 or males 90-100. abolished 8.31.07
Nice active legit females levels 80-105 or males 90-105. abolished 10.6.07
Nice active legit females levels 80-110 or males 90-110. abolished 10.18.07
Nice active legit females levels 80-115 or males 90-115. abolished 10.21.07
Nice active legit CB's, Priests, and DK's levels 100-115. abolished 10.26.07
Nice active legit CB's, Priests, and DK's levels 100-120. abolished 12.1.07
Nice active legit (includes onrank) levels 100-120, preferably CB's, Priests, or DK's. abolished 1.12.08
Nice active onrank levels 80-120 (if the guild has less than 80 members), or 90-120 (if the guild has 80+ members). Prefer college-aged or mature players. abolished 2.24.08
LMFAO (legit mature friendly active onrank) levels 100-130 (90-130 if we have less than 80 members). College/grads come! abolished 3.13.08
LMFAO (legit mature friendly active onrank) levels 110-140 (100-140 if we have less than 80 members). College/grads come! abolished 5.7.08
LMFAO (legit mature friendly active onrank) levels 120-160 (100-160 for Priests or DK's). College/grads come! abolished 5.17.08
LMFAO (legit mature friendly active onrank) levels 120-170 (100-170 for Priests or DK's). College/grads come! abolished 8.26.09
LMFAO (legit mature friendly active onrank) levels 120-180 (100-180 for Priests or DK's). College/grads come!

Recruits must NOT have an illegit zhelm. Legit zhelm list.

Prefer RL friends or MS friends of current guildies. Up to a 10-level reprieve may be granted to a sibling or a very close friend of a guildie. Name must appear on MS Rankings to join guild. Characters whose names you can't type correctly on your first try (llwwxxwwll) will not be allowed in our guild. (TY iColorful) Must have acceptable positive fame or -100 or less fame to join guild. Shared accounts are not allowed in the guild. Players are only allowed max 1 character in guild, except for leader and founder, who are allowed max 2 characters in the guild so that they can more effectively lead the guild. Players are allowed to swap character in guild at max once per month. Swaps must obey the level limit, or if the original char is lower level than the level limit, the swapped character must be at equal or higher level than the original char.
[Update 4.15.07] Recruiting is now frozen. No one should invite new members to the guild. We will save spots for smega female recruits hopefully to achieve a 50/50 ratio of guys to girls at some future point. Note that inviting a level 30 minus or a max tele mage [updated 10.8.07, TY Omry] to temporarily join guild for GPQ purposes is an allowable exception, provided that the level 30 minus or max tele mage is removed from the guild immediately after the GPQ. Only peerliss, Lyriele, ffcloudff7, and AznRlien can invite new members or authorize a Jr. Master to invite a new member. [updated 1.12.08] Recruiting has been unfrozen and all Jr. Masters have been promoted to Recruiting Jrs. For more information please see the guild announcement with this date.
Peerless ranking system
[+] Spoiler
Level 30: Deathless abolished 4.30.07
Level 45: Invincible abolished 8.27.07
Level 60: Almighty abolished 4.25.08
Level 80: Omnipotent - added 5.11.07. Changed from 75 to 80 due to 2x EXP events. abolished 4.25.08
Level 100: Omniscient - added 8.27.07.
Level 120: Omnipresent - added 4.25.08.
Level 140: Omnislash - added 4.25.08.
Level ??: Chosen (formerly Immortal). Chosen by Leader, Elder, and Juniors. Can't be requested by members. However, expressing interest in becoming Chosen is okay. Selection criteria: level, time with guild, friendliness, maturity, activeness in game, activeness on website, activeness on vent, familiarity with rules, reputation among leader, elder, and juniors, and general reputation in and out of guild. Proven ability to get good players to join and stay a plus.

Permabeginners get a +30 level bonus to their ranking determination. updated 1.26.08
HP warriors get a +60 level bonus to their ranking determination. updated 4.13.08

The original 30 Peerless guild members are not currently subject to these level requirements. [Update 4.22.07] The transition period has ended, and the original 30 Peerless guild members are now subject to the same level requirements as the other guildies. (TY KoolMage01)

If a member goes inactive, he or she may risk having to re-earn titled status, including Jr. status.
Peerless activeness criteria
Members who do not inform us of their inactiveness by posting on the bbs or guild vacation thread and do not sign on once in the time between three patch periods (or two patch periods for members who are below the recruiting level limit) may be expelled from the guild to keep the guild active. The boot lists will be reviewed and approved by the leader, the founder, and at least 1 Jr. Master.
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