Moschetto modello 38/6.5 --- counterbored muzzle

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Moschetto modello 38/6.5 --- counterbored muzzle

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New to the forum, been collecting Carcano rifles for a while. We see lots of Carcano knowledge on this forum. Have a strange one here, cav carbine counterbored muzzle with a barrel longer than the standard modello 38/6.5 barrel.

Where might this work have been done? It appears to be a 1942 Moschetto 38/6.5 with a 91M type rear site, with unknown 1942 marked barrel, that has been counter-bored. The stock is a matching 1942 era Moschetto 38 (type with a fixed rear sight).

The bayonet lug was neatly shaved off -milled.
The barrel length is 44-cm; ( note: barrel length of Moschetto 38/6.5 is about 42-cm.)
The counter-bore is about 2-cm in length.
The lands are set back about 0.5-cm from the crown (base of counterbore).

AttachmentsThe muzzle viewUnderside of barrel baseUnderside of receiver base (front)Right side of barrel baseLeft side of barrel basemore pics....Attachmentsstock, lock, barrel

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Your M91/37 Moschetto da Cavalleria is the type which was fitted with the adjustable rear sight for Carabinieri, whilst the M91/38 (both calibres) was set up with fixed sights for normal Military (Infantry, Cavalry, etc )Use
In 1937 they changed the M91CC to have a rounded barrel shank (Not Faceted) with a sleeved rear sight (not fixed by barrel lugs and cross Pins).

I think your CC has been "Legalised" for former ATF rules on Barrel Length, with an extension sleeve on the Muzzle (Not counterbored). In Germany in the 50s, Bayonet Lugs had to be removed, but in the USA, this was an aftermarket Option for the User.

I have several CC and TS with this 1950-60 "muzzle extender" for barrels under 18 inches (NOW 16 inch) for ATF admissibility ...

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Hi can u tell me enything about WWII saw back bayonets pleas