It's been a long time

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It's been a long time

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11 Oct 2017, 11:46 #1

It has been a long time since I posted here. I sort of peaked out my collecting and stopped posting much on any board. Couple years back I started selling the rare items in my collection. My children that will get my collection are not students of the collecting world and I did not want some unscrupulous person to take advantage of them and get the rare stuff for nothing. So I have already sold some of my rare items to men who appreciate them. I still have lots to sell. I still work in my shop, restoring bases for scopes that someone cut off thinking they could mount them on a hunting rifle. Right now I am fabricating a T38 sniper for a friend who has an original with the scope. He also has the original scope and I am using a Japanese 4 power tube that someone cut the base off, putting the correct base on it to make scope that will fit the fabricated rifle. I'm approaching my 84th birthday and still able to work some on the farm with my son. Enjoyed writing to you this morning. riceone - Roy. 

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Greetings from Colorado! There isn't much activity on this forum these days, but for relatively new collectors such as me, this site contains a wealth of knowledge. Take care,

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18 Oct 2017, 15:07 #3

Hi, Rice! I just checked in on this board for grins... Good to see you here.
cheers, peterNaCl