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the museum display.

I go to a local south west gun show twice a year and for the last 8 years the same old geezer has a bunch of junk nazi regalia a pair of lugars and a stocked Inglis Hi Power. He never wants to sell anything. same dust old geezer with his dusty old junk.

And for cryin out loud, stuffed animals at a gun show? really?

Every other person waiting to buy a ticket into the gun show has a dolly or cart to haul away his 100,000 rounds of ammo. WTF, dude? Do you really need a truck load of 22 long rifle? Is your bolt rifle belt fed or something?

and the knives guy,  I know I'm into guns but knives? thats kinda creepy. only because after every gun show some hookers  skinned body ends up dumped  at the off ramp just north of the gun show exit......
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 One More.  I went to a GS in Indiana and one in Lousiana and bumped into this character at the front door 'security table'.   Uniform and all.I was wanting to trade a old 38 SW revolver and had to have it checked and tagged before entering the hall.  OK by me, Safety First.  I payed my money, followed the signs and arrived infront of Mr. Chips.   I placed my holstered piece on the table before him and before he could open the cyclinder, he dropped it.  OK, that makes me feel good a uniformed officer cannot open a S&W revolver with out fumbling the ball.  So, Mr. Chips looks down the barrel as in an attempt to see a live cartridge residing there, then fumbles the cyclinder and spins it, as if to see if while it is spinning a cartridge may come flying out and strike a disinterested bystander.   Now, his heavy breathing and nimble finger play with my pistol is becoming annoying.  He whips out a tag from a cardboard box and attempts to hang a white paper tag through the back strap and rips the tag in two.  At this point, I take my gun from him and grab a tag and slip the string and tag around the back strap and ask him if he needs any data attached to his plain white tag, with my pen in my hand on my gun.  He supplies me with a scrowl and asks if I have shot anyone with it!  Really, smart ass?  I respond, "No, have any one in mind?"  I grab my holster and make a hasty retreat to the front door of the hall before his piss poor attitude and my smart mouth get us both into trouble.

I found the show promoter and complained about the guy.  He apologized and told me his relieve was on the way.   Good idea.

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I saw another this past weekend at the Allentown Forks of the Delaware show - Mr "People of Walmart".  This guy was very strange even by gun show standards.  He was an older guy with unkempt grey/white hair and a beard.  He was wearing an old tee shirt, pajama botttoms, and flip flops.  He was pestering vendors and patrons alike with totally off-the-wall comments, trying to get attention, I guess.  The vendors were doing their best to ignore him.  Since the rent-a-cops weren't hassling him, I can only assume that he was someone's idiot brother-in-law who gets hosed off and taken for an outing every few months.       

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How about the crooked nose crook that's mug is all over the place as a so called expert pedling his high end fakes and the ones that stand behind their tables "That is a goodun" I have been done with shows since the 80's I imagine these type of guys are still around huh? timothy