C&R Handgun purchases

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C&R Handgun purchases

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I hold a current curio & relic (FFL 03) license. Up until now, I've only used it to purchase long arms. I'm starting to itch for my first handgun, and there are a few C&R eligible ones I'm looking at. 
How does it work with Michigan's purchase permit requirement? I obviously don't have a CPL yet. From what I've researched, it seems possible to purchase out of state using the C&R, and then register it via the purchase permit after it's received, using the seller's FFL? I realize I'll probably have to talk to the local police chief for confirmation, but I'd like to have some precedent to cite when I do.

If I purchase a C&R eligible pistol from within Michigan and have it shipped, does that work the same as out-of-state or would I need to send a purchase permit along with my C&R in that case?