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******* Updated Summary of all the 2009 SIHH news *******

Joined: February 8th, 2005, 6:29 am

January 26th, 2009, 9:45 am #1

First of all, we from were thrilled with the volume of activity at our website. Only on monday january 19th, a massive total of 115.000 hits were recorded at on the first day of the 2009 SIHH exhibition. An extraordinary number, that could only be reached by you, our visitors.
Simply amazing.

We would like to thank each one of you for choosing as your resource for all things Panerai. Thank you very much. Highly appreciated!

Follow this link for all the official news on the 2009 released models > ... 1232364262

Follow this link for a short version of the new models (no pictures included) > ... 1232359128

Overhere you'll find first hand info on prices > ... 1233154401

Moderator Lars Milsten's first impressions after arriving at the 2009 SIHH show > ... 1232648980

The extended "Lars at Large" report, providing live pictures of all the new models > ... 1232812258

More live coverage by Kristian Haagen, and Markus Behnke. >

- Kristian Haagen's sneak preview, first observations and behind the scenes pictures - ... 1232385177 ... 1232640833 ... 1232629119 ... 1232715459 ... 1232787260

- Markus Behnke's live cover up from the first day at the 2009 SIHH Panerai boot - ... 1232392094 ... 1232469062

... And to finish with a votelet on the 2009 line up and some discussions towards those new models ... >

- 2009 new line up votelet - ... 1232459048

- some discussions about the new line up / plenty more ongoing if you browse the forum pages - ... 1232490015 ... 1232425856

We hope you enjoyed the coverage of the 2009 SIHH. Thanks to all involved at
Special thanks to Officine Panerai for providing us all the pictures and information,
and to Lars Milsten, Kristian Haagen and Markus Behnke for the first live coverage.

Felicitations to CEO Angelo Bonati and his staff on the new 2009 line up.

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