Strap clearance: 24mm and 26mm + Rolex box. Everything must go!

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November 11th, 2017, 12:15 pm #1

For Sale the following straps:
(all prices include international shipment from Switzerland to Europe, add an extra 10USD for US/Canada)

1) new Canvas Strap green 24mm 120/80 with buckle Price: 60€ (65USD)
4) new Bakeka Green 24/22mm 115/75 Price: 60€ (65USD)
5) new Bakeka Senape 24/22mm 115/75 Price: 60€ (65USD)

7) new Museo de Relogio light brown cork 24/22mm 117/75 with buckle Price: 50€ (55USD)
8) new Museo de Relogio dark brown cork 24/22mm 117/75 with buckle Price: 50€ (55USD)
10) SOLD
11) used Heroic brown leather with white stiches and one extra hole 24/24mm 128/80 Price: 80€ (90USD)
12) SOLD

13) almost new Manifatture Firenze 120x75 with sewn in buckle Price: 120€ (130USD)
14) new Simona De Stefano green gator 24mm 135/85 Price: 120€ (130USD)
15) SOLD
16) new Simona De Stefano Blue Bruno with white stitches 24mm 135/75 and Heroic PVD PIG Buckle Price: 150€ (165USD)
17) SOLD

18) SOLD
19) SOLD
20) new Panatime black carbon-black fiber/red stiches 24/22mm 115/75 with sewn in buckle Price: 70€ (75USD)
21) new Zergun black Riva 24mm 115/75 with brushed PIG buckle Price: 90€ (100USD)

22) new unknown Brown leather with Burgundy stiches 26/24mm 125/80 Price: 100€ (110USD)
23) SOLD
24) slightly used Greg Stevens Design GSD Vintage black with PVD buckle 26mm 125/75 Price: 100€ (110USD)

25) beautiful vintage leather/wooden Rolex box for 120€ (130USD)

External size is: 20x14x7cm
Internal size is: 18x12cm

you can contact me at: stefano AT atzeni DOT ch, which is also my Paypal account.
Payment via Paypal either as gift or as purchase (adding 4% to the total).

Prices include shipment to Europe, to USA just add an extra 10USD, for other overseas countries please contact me for quotation.