Paneristi - 15th Anniversary (Photos & Report)

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Once again, mine will (probably) be the last addition to the many excellent Paneristi's 15th reports already posted by some heavyweight Paneristi. I've really enjoyed them all and it's clear to me that they have had the pleasure to know many of you for many years now.

I still consider myself quite the novice in this amazing group* but not surprisingly, every such GTG brings me a little closer to the group, a little wiser of it's history. There were many avid forum participants that I wanted to meet in person that didn't make it to the last P-Day and I got the chance, this time around. Unfortunately it's all but impossible to get to know everyone in any great detail during one GTG (and having a camera between you doesn't help much). However exchanging some words and placing a face to the name (and online "persona") goes a long way!
*almost made the mistake of labeling us a "fraternity" however we do have quite a few outstanding Paneristi ladies among us!

First off, I'd like to thank the organizing committee, aka NY's finest (...finest Ristis, that is ) and in particular Luke, who basically did an amazing job of communicating all pertinent info to us as well as much behind-the-scenes effort to be sure. I'd like to thank the team for going that extra mile to put together great "things-to-do" and "where-to-eat" listings which was of great help during my 10-day stay in this amazing city. It was great to chat with some of the crew, including Aurelio, Eng, Luke, Sanjay & Tony. I wish I had managed to talk to the rest (but at least I managed to get most of your mugshots... hehe!)

When I wasn't behind the camera, I did manage to have the pleasure of engaging in conversation with some really nice people, some that I had already met like Anu and Kevin, Beth and Peter, Jo and Paul, Asi, Frank, Gush, Hagen, Jose S, Kostas, Mario, Markus, Max, Ralf and Terry. Again, too short of an exchange but pleasurable all the same.
Others that are veterans on the forums and now I can "picture", like Martin - "photographer extrordinare", Bernie, Kevin - our "online info helpdesk", Paddy "oh Captain, my Captain", Eddie, Maria - our "Ms.Panerai", the infamous Socko (and his missing phone... ?!?), Jim and Bo, (fellow fans of the sharp stuff), Brian, Paul, our "boots specialist", Oliver, Guillermo, Steve "Easy Rider", Linford "master of Monochrome" and of course, Stephen*, big-time fan/contributor to Panerai, Paneristi (not to mention FB - with no less than 2000 friends - also including yours truly).
It was also a pleasure meeting some completely new faces like Sarah and Ryan, Monica and Kenn, Shawn, Kevin H, Shella, Lewis and Tommy (a fellow Japanese-denim fiend!)
Better halves, like Josie - although I have the feeling she may very-well join us full-time soon enough! Matt, you're quite the skilled debater - keep it up (enjoyed the head-on with Hagen ) Danielle, it was a pleasure to share the dinner-table with you - keep Kevin in line for us, okay? As for "Mrs. California-but-really-a-farmer's daughter" - enjoyed our short but fun conversation involving the Beach Boys, among others. Sarah, you rock! Diana, you're awesome!
*Kidding aside Stephen, thanks for letting me in on the last of your 32yr-old liquid treasure!!!

I'm very sorry for those I missed - both with my camera as well as in my "ramblings" above, but it's not always easy in such a dynamic environment, not to mention, putting a name to every single person I had the chance to shake hands with. Please give me a few more GTGs to get it all down

I'd most certainly like to thank Eng not only for his generous hospitality but also for a very special "exchange" where he noted my appreciation for his art as well as a shared love for the humble PAM he happened to be wearing Friday ...which just happens to be my (Richemont) grail...

So FINALLY... here's a link to my Flickr* photo-album; Those on Facebook already got a chance to see them because it was quicker to share but at last, all now have the opportunity!

Paneristi 15th Anniversary GTG

*Flickr is GREAT! The link I provided you with will take you to a scrollable list of large "thumbs". At the top-right corner, you can start a slide show. If you want a close look at any one photo, simply click on it. If you want to download it, no problem, look for the icons at the bottom-right of the photo. You can view/download a photo in many sizes, including the original. Enjoy!

Last but not least, a nod to the OP crew that did a great job presenting both Eng's and Panerai's finest, not to mention the awesome goodie bags we received
Lest I forget the 634... a very thoughtful gesture to the attendees, as well as all Paneristi!

Hodinkee in da house, yo!

-Serge, aka...
Traveller - Genève * Melbourne * Miami * Wien