PAM24i (greeklander)

PAM24i (greeklander)

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November 12th, 2011, 7:42 am #1

Why Pay more for a polished bezel of A, B or C series of a PAM24 which there is NO markings on the first 15 minutes?

Look take a look at my PAM24i below.

For sale is a PAM24i. I had the bezel polished (please note: the markings on the first 15 minutes are untouched, NOT repainted). Come with triple boxes and complete papers. OEM rubber strap and OEM Nylon. Watch is hardly worn and is conservatively in 98% condition. No nicks or dings.

Price is now reduced to USD4500 or Euro3250 SHIPPED!Paypal + fees or bank transfer. Shipping to worldwide. Worldwide references!Not looking for a trade at this moment.

PS: The strap show, by Shane Delaurian, is NOT included in the package.

MORE PICS HERE: ... klander%29

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