k-straps - Big ridge Shark, Real Carbon Fiber, Shrapnel Series , Denim Jeans Strap ....

k-straps - Big ridge Shark, Real Carbon Fiber, Shrapnel Series , Denim Jeans Strap ....

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Big Ridge Shark

Big Ridge Light Orange Shark

Big Ridge Olive Shark

Big Ridge Pre-V Brown

Big Ridge Coffee shark

Big Ridge Cognac shark

Big Ridge black shark

Big Ridge Mustard Shark

Big Ridge Blue Shark

Big Ridge Charcoal shark

You may specify length, width, stitches color, keeper width, number of mounting hole, hole location .....

Price for big ridge sharkskin:
26 to 24 mm width: $198 without buckle
23 to 22 mm width: $165 without buckle
Under 22mm width: $138 without buckle

Sewn-in Buckle Options
24mm 3mm thick GPF flat style - $40
22 & 26mm 2mm thick GPF flat style - $32
22, 24 & 26mm Pre-V curved style - $25

Double-lock keepers - $10

Discount will be given to return customer or order more than 1 strap.

Additional fee may applied if it is extra long (long side + short side > 230mm). Please send your inquires for final quote.

I am located near Chicago. Shipping is free within US. For international shipping, there are 2 options
1) registered mail - $13
2) express mail

k-straps Carbon Fiber Strap
Detail & Pricing:http://k-straps.com/Carbon-Fiber.php

Shrapnel Series
Detail & Pricing:http://k-straps.com/Shrapnel-Series.php

Denim Jeans Strap

This strap is cut from the jeans below, low leg section. The strap edge is wrapped to prevent fraying and give a clean look. The strap is padded with leather to increase strength. Light tan color thread is used to match the original thread color. Black calf leather is used for the back lining. I also used the button to brand the back side of the strap. Two treatments are used on the denim top to enhance the water resistance. However, it is not water proof.

Original Denim Jeans

Denim Jeans Strap Prototype

Black Calf Lining

Water Resistance Treatment

Width: 24/24mm
Length: 81/125mm
Thickness: 4.7mm
Stitches color: light tan
First Mounting hole location: 50mm from lug end
Mounting hole spacing: 7mm

Denim Jeans Strap Prototype with Buckle: $77
Denim Jeans Strap Prototype without Buckle: $62

Shipping is free within US. For overseas, international registered mail is $13.

You may visit the gallery by clicking the link below.

Please visit my web site for the details.

To order, please send email to ezm1x@yahoo.com

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