FS: EUROPELLI CUSTOM SALE: 16 Horween® Leathers, ChromExcel, Baseball Glove, More!

FS: EUROPELLI CUSTOM SALE: 16 Horween® Leathers, ChromExcel, Baseball Glove, More!

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Is Proud To Introduce

100% Handmade Straps Crafted To Your Specifications


Your vision and complete satisfaction. Our amazing leathers, craftsmanship, and dedication to you. That's what a Europelli 100% Handmade strap is all about.

Each strap will be individually handmade to your specifications. You select the length, width, stitch color, keeper arrangement, adjustment hole placement and more. As I mentioned, each strap is 100% handmade. There is no machinery involved whatsoever. Each stitch hole is hand punched, each stitch is hand sewn using the very best and old-school method of saddle stitching. Each strap is hand burnished, hand skived, and each keeper is made (both adhered and stitched) for the strap it is destined for, thus ensuring the proper fitment. My "standard equipment" strap has a minimum of 37 different legitimate steps within the crafting process and a typical length strap has over 7 feet of cord, requiring 105 individual hand stitches.

The hides, cord (stitching), and tools I use are the best of the best. All of the leather I use for our handmade straps are produced by one of the finest tanneries in the world, located an hour from myself here the U.S. The exception to this is the Antique Maduro hide from 1966. Each and every hide is hand selected, never ordering from a mere swatch. It's my belief that you absolutely must begin with a superior foundation, the leather itself, if you want to craft a world-class strap.

I searched for cord stitching that has anti-fray, anti-fade, and high tensile strength qualities - and found it. The precision hand tools used are made by the finest in the leather industry. The special cobbler's adhesive we use is permanent and flexible, yet environmentally friendly. While some of the above information may be more than you require, I believe each individual component plays an integral role in the recipe for the final product and your overwhelming satisfaction.

There are no shortcuts to quality. Ever.

It's my hope that you'll find my strap unique in several ways. First, I don't think you would look at one of my straps and confuse it with one made by someone else. Not that others don't make a fine strap, there are many who are outstanding at what they do - and I admire and commend them for that. However, it's the construction method and the styling that I think you'll find distinctive to a Europelli Handmade strap - and complimentary to the Panerai watches we have such a passion for. A Europelli Handmade strap will most certainly make a handsome addition to your Panerai, regardless of its historic or contemporary nature. My straps are refined, but not overly so. They are not dressy, nor are they strictly vintage looking - although I have a few treatment methods that can achieve that look perfectly. Your personal instructions on how to craft the strap will help create the look you desire.

Saddle stitching by hand: The time-honored benchmark for stitching of any kind. I can't stress enough how important this is to adding both strength and character to the finished piece. Old-school saddle stitching by hand requires several things: Over 7 feet of cord in your average length strap, two harness needles, two hands, a keen eye, and...frankly...lots of time. What's so great about a saddle stitch? It offers both strength and character. First, the stitching won't unravel if one were to be cut like a lockstitch provided by a sewing machine. Secondly, it is a much stronger stitch by nature which is why it has become the gold standard for all things handmade. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it adds character to the finished piece. It's not perfect, yet it is not flawed. Each strap will vary slightly from one to the other, making each a one-of-a-kind in its own subtle way. A double needle hand saddle stitch offers a very unique look that is utilized on very few products in this day and age. It's a look that is distinctive to something made entirely by human hands.

Creating Your Masterpiece:

First, select the premium hide that appeals to you most. Next, go through this checklist and consider the following:

1. Length and Width: Select the length that you prefer and the width your watch requires. Currently, I am offering 18x18mm, 19x19mm, 20x20mm, 21x21mm, 22x22mm, 24x24mm, and 26x26mm straps in any length. If you need a width other than these...just ask!

2. Stitch Color: Consider the variety of 16 different stitch colors from which to choose, including 3 flavors of white. The most popular right now are: Vintage Patina, Titanium, Bronze, Natural, Black, and White.

3. Keepers: How do you like your keepers? 1 sewn in and 1 floating? 1 wide floating? 2 floating? Constructing a strap with 1 sewn in keeper and one floating is the most difficult and time-consuming, but it's also "standard equipment" on a Europelli Handmade strap. Why? Because I think that's the right way to do it. However, if you prefer an alternative, just let us know and consider it done. Our goal is to make it the way YOU want it!

4. Adjustment Hole Placement and Quantity: Unless otherwise specified, we hand punch 5 holes - the first one having a dead center 50mm from the lug end. However, we can accommodate any adjustment hole placement request that will offer you the best fitment. We really don't like the look of "one strap fits most", where there are 6 or 7 unnecessary holes in otherwise beautiful leather.

5. Special Treatments: Hand burnished and sealed sides will be part of every strap we build. However, there are a few optional treatments that can dramatically enhance the appearance of your strap. Flame toasted top edges and/or keepers, as well as our special "JV" Distressing treatment are a few to consider. The end result is pretty spectacular! This is where you can truly create your one-of-a-kind strap.

The exact same leather that is used by two of the world's leading professional baseball glove manufacturers to produce both first baseman's and catcher's gloves. Until recently, I had been sold out of the Natural Tan Professional Baseball Glove leather for nearly 2 years. It is truly difficult to obtain, particularly when compared to all of the so-called "military inspired" straps that are in seemingly endless supply. 2 YEARS! Absolutely incredible in person, the look, feel, and color are simply outstanding. And if you are looking for a strap that will develop a beautiful patina, just think about what a catcher's glove looks like after it's been well-worn. Very few straps on the market will achieve a superb golden glow like this one. Legendary 2 years ago, now it's back and better than ever before.

Here are some examples, with a descriptive caption under each photo. However, you'll want to visit the Website for a complete listing of the various leathers, treatments and other tailoring options.


This strap was created with one very specific purpose: To enhance and compliment the Panerai PAM360. Starting with Natural Tan Professional Baseball Glove leather as the foundation, the hide is then manipulated by hand to achieve a very close, if not perfect match to the unique luminous material used on the hands, markers, and numerals. The original strap that came with the 360 has a natural cut edge, and this strap has been made in that same spirit.

The strap is then completed with black stitching and a sewn in PVD buckle to compliment the dial and case. The end result is a spectacular presentation, taking a very special piece to the next level.

These will be made in limited numbers and will be made exactly as you see it pictured above. Basically, all you need to do is tell me the length you need and where your would like the adjustment holes placed.

Special Sale Price: $145

Natural Tan Professional Baseball Glove Leather: 24x24mm, White cord stitching and sewn in Pre-V buckle. Keepers: 1 sewn in, 1 floating. Custom handmade Natural Tan Baseball Glove straps are on sale starting at $140, with various treatment options available to you. Typically an ala-carte add on, sewn in Pre-V buckles are available to you FREE during this sale. Save up to $45.00 with the combination sale!

Natural Tan Professional Baseball Glove Leather: 24x24mm, Brown cord stitching. Keepers: 1 sewn in, 1 floating. Toasted edges and keepers, brown stained sides.

Natural Tan Professional Baseball Glove Leather: 26x26mm with White cord stitching and our special "JV" distressing treatment. Keepers: 1 sewn in, 1 floating, hand burnished natural sides.

Natural Tan Professional Baseball Glove Leather: 24x24mm, Olive cord stitching, brown stained sides, sewn in flat GPF style Pre-V buckle. This combination looks amazing with a LumiNova dial!

Natural Tan Professional Baseball Glove Leather: Glove Oil Treated, 24x24mm, White cord stitching, brown stained edges, sewn in PVD buckle, flame-toasted keepers—1 sewn in, 1 floating.

Black Professional Baseball Glove Leather: 24x24mm with Green stitching and 22x22mm with Yellow stitching shown, both with black stained edges and standard keepers. Prices on the custom handmade Black Professional Baseball Glove leather straps start at $145 during this sale. Typically an ala-carte add on, sewn in Pre-V buckles are available to you FREE during this sale. Save up to $45.00 on the combination sale!

Antique Maduro Leather from 1966. 24x24mm with Natural cord stitching. Keepers: 1-sewn in, 1 floating. Special sale prices on the custom handmade Antique Maduro straps start at $140. Remember to request a sewn in Pre-V buckle...it's free!

Genuine Shell Cordovan is the finest leather on earth. Period. It is available in Black, Oxblood, and now the Limited Edition Color #8! Custom handmade Genuine Shell Cordovan straps start at $199...again with a free sewn in Pre-V buckle.



Limited Edition Color #8

Superior quality, beautiful colors, amazing texture and feel - all from one of the finest tanneries on the planet.

Obviously, with the exception of the Badlands below, these straps are not finished. However, that's by design. I've received quite a few e-mails from customers saying, half jokingly, that it's sometimes difficult to envision a stitch color other than the one in a photo. So, since these leathers are fresh and new, I thought I'd also picture them as a fresh canvas for you to work with.

Badlands: When seeing the full hide, it instantly reminded me of the parched earth at Badlands National Park. Massive in both texture and appeal, beautiful in its reddish brown color. The regular price is $175.00, but it will be marked down to $145 during this promotional sale. Combine that with a free sewn in buckle, and you'll be saving up to $60.00 with this offer.

Terra Cotta: This gorgeous leather offers a light golden brown base, with slightly darker browns mottled throughout. This is more tan/brown in color than the Tuscany leather, and produces a streamlined 3.0mm finished strap. The regular price is $165.00, but it will be marked down to $135 during this special sale. Combine that with a free sewn in buckle, and you'll be saving up to $60.00 with this offer.

Khaki: This leather is amazingly supple and has a fantastic feel. The color is light and fresh, perfect for wear in the Spring and Summer! The regular price is $165.00, but it will be marked down to $135 during this sale. Combine that with a free sewn in buckle, and you'll be saving up to $60.00 with this offer.

Cigar: This leather has an ultra smooth surface and has slightly darker striations throughout. Again, another hide that requires zero break-in. The regular price is $165.00, but it will be marked down to $135 during this special sale. Combine that with a free sewn in buckle, and you'll be saving up to $60.00 with this offer.

Tuscany This color is reminiscent of those you would see in a Tuscan villa. This is a smooth leather with a magnificent feel of quality. It is also more golden in color than the Terra Cotta leather, and can produce a 5.0mm or under finished strap—based on your specifications. The regular price is $165.00, but it will be marked down to $140 for a limited time. Combine that with a free sewn in buckle, and you'll be saving up to $55.00 with this offer.

Mahogany Another hide that has subtle color variations to add interest, with slightly more red tones than the Badlands and Cigar colors. The regular price is $165.00, but it will be marked down to $135 during this sale. Combine that with a free sewn in buckle, and you'll be saving up to $60.00 with this offer.

Below you will find the 16 different stitch colors from which to choose:


Save Even More with Discounted Prices and Free Shipping!

There have been a few times when a client changed the specifications of a strap after I already started on it. Sometimes they changed the adjustment hole placement...after they had already been punched. Sometimes it was changing the stitch color...after the strap had already been stitched. Or, maybe they changed the length...after the strap had already been cut.

Regardless, here is what I have at the moment that fell within this category. Below each photo you will find a caption that describes the exact specifications of the strap illustrated above. Note: The adjustment hole measurement is taken from the lug and of the strap to the center of the hole.

Not only will you be rewarded with a handmade strap without the wait, but you'll also be rewarded with a reduced price! In addition, 100% of our handmade straps use genuine Horween leathers exclusively.

#1: Horween® ChromExcel—Tan with Natural stitching

24x24mm Width
130x77mm Length
4.0mm Thick
Triple-Twisted Natural Stitching
Premium Tight Stitch Pattern—done entirely by hand.
Keepers: 1 Wide Sewn In
Hand Burnished, Natural Sides
Comes with your choice of either a polished or brushed Screw Type Pre-V buckle.
Adjustment Hole Placement: Simply give me your wrist measurement and I'll have the adjustment holes placed for a more tailored fit.

Makers Notes: Horween's highly-prized ChromExcel leather is the foundation—a magnificent leather that will age beautifully. Combine that with a fine example of hand saddle stitching, and you have a truly exceptional strap that also happens to be a terrific value.

Your Price Today: </i> SOLD **

Lastly, here are a few very lightly worn straps that are available with significantly reduced prices. Each measure 22x22mm and have an adjustment hole(s) placed for a 7"wrist. Of course, additional holes can be punched to accommodate yours.

A. Black Genuine Shell Cordovan, hand stitched with Yellow. 22x22mm width, 130x75mm length, one wide sewn in keeper, worn twice. Sale Price: <i>
SOLD </i>

B. Oxblood Genuine Shell Cordovan, hand stitched with Mustard, black stained edges. 22x22mm width, 130x75mm length, one wide sewn in keeper, worn just a handful of times. Sale Price: <i>
SOLD </i>

C. Saffron Yellow Calfskin, hand stitched with White, black stained edges. 22x22mm width, 125x80mm length, one wide sewn in keeper, worn just a handful of times. Sale Price: $80 plus shipping. A great summer strap!

D. Natural Tan Professional Baseball Glove leather, glove oil treated, hand stitched with White, black stained edges, thicker at the lugs and then tapers to a thinner profile under the wrist.. 22x22mm width, 127x75mm length, one wide sewn in keeper, worn sparingly. Sale Price: <i>

Ordering: Telephone or e-mail.

You can either telephone or e-mail me with your order. Which ever works best for you is perfectly fine with me. Although, we can get more detailed on the phone with custom handmade orders. If you decide to call, you can reach me anytime between 8:00am—8:00pm CST at 219-309-9694. The two of us can discuss any questions you may have, we'll cover every aspect of your custom strap, and I'll likely have some questions for you, as well. However, if communicating by e-mail is more convenient for you, then by all means send me one. I'll reply quickly and with all of the answers to any questions you may have. My e-mail address is: europelli@comcast.net

Delivery Times:

Anything that is 100% crafted by human hands will require more time than something mass-produced. However, our commitment to outstanding service does not end with your initial order. The goal is to have your new strap completed and shipped to you within 21 days. There are some times when this will be reduced, and far fewer times when it will be increased. I'll have an accurate completion date for you when your order is placed. All customers, whether domestic or international, have the option of First Class, Priority, or Express shipping. Customers should contact me, as rates obviously vary depending on the delivery method you prefer.

Outstanding quality. Stellar customer service. Fast shipping to anywhere in the world. 8:00am-8:00pm CST telephone consultation. These benefits are only the beginning to your complete satisfaction—something my loyal strap customers have appreciated for years. If you find yourself with any questions please don’t hesitate to ask. It would be my pleasure to help in any way that I can. I can be reached by e-mail or I can be contacted anytime at: (219) 309-9694.

Please visit the http://www.europelli.com website for a complete listing of straps such as Rubber, NATO, Genuine Shell Cordovan, and others, along with accessories and extensive information and details about the custom handmade straps.

Thanks for looking and enjoy your day!

Kindest Regards,


E-mail: europelli@comcast.net
Telephone: 219-309-9694