FS: 24/24 Straps incl. Dirk, GSD, Gunnny, etc.

FS: 24/24 Straps incl. Dirk, GSD, Gunnny, etc.

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March 9th, 2012, 3:55 am #1

Here are some of my straps collection up for sale, some are new and unworn, all 24/24 size with various length. Payment with Paypal as gift.

Price includes regular mail to everywhere with regular post.

Email to: bobbydh@optusnet.com.au
Paypal: bobbydh@softhome.net

Dirk Vachetta Naturale with Coinage PVD buckle - NEW - 125/80 - $170.00
This type of hide will develop patina into light tan color

Shark Light Tan - WORN - 125/75 - $125.00
Very nice matching for ecru dial like PAM 390

Greg Stevens Olivo - WORN - 130/80 - $100.00
Special order, with hypoallergic inner lining. Best match for PVD or 1950 case black dial, extra hole punched

Gunny 317 - TRIED ON ONCE ONLY - 125/80 - $110.00
Best match for black dial PAMs

Simona - Sold

Kostas Vintage Reddish Brown - NEW - 130/85 - $120.00
Vintage strap with raw edge and ecru stiching, very supple leather

Heroic 18 Plaid Red - WORN, comes with pouch only - 130/80 - $60.00
In very good condition and the material is very strong, so it does not leave buckle mark on the outside and only light hole mark in the inside