Where do I find knappable rock in Georgia

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that briar creek stuff is FINE. Also in Girard on River road I think it is, you can load up your truck with that Savannah river chert/jasper stuff

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Sorry,my first post.I was trying to find larger chunks of Savannah river chert around Stoney Bluff and had a hard time finding big pieces last month.

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Just park at the baptist church across the river from Albany State college and walk down to the riverbank on either side of the river to find some awesome rock. Its like butterscotch in color with some red and even purple when you find the good stone.

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If you can get access to the river that runs through Fort Benning, outside Columbus, there is small material there, and maybe even a real gem or two. I never collected there, but we used to toss a keg off the top of a cliff, and then bury it in a gravel bar near a cold spring a short distance downstream. There was even an Indian shower as you climbed back up the edge of the cliff, headed for your car.
Excuse me! I was much younger then! Where I was going used to get you run off by the MP's, since they used that area as a single survival training area. Today, you might have homeland security looking at your tonsils if you went there!
I don't really know about the stone in the area other than that.

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@Ahnlaashock.fromwhisperstor  Are you reffering to the Chattahochee or Upatoi? I have property near Fort Benning and have found some fine specimins made of chert types that were not native to the area (to my knowlege, based off years of oservation of the rock types on my land, no science). I would love to compare to some natural chert outcroppiongs to try to determine origin by comparisson. 

It is possible to acces fort benning legally.