Welcome to the New Forum: Flintknapping Sales/Trade Area

A forum specifically for "classified" type advertisements for Flintknappers.

Welcome to the New Forum: Flintknapping Sales/Trade Area

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24 Dec 2010, 17:00 #1

Welcome to the new forum.   Please place your flintknapping related sales/trade advertisements in this forum.   

When a sale/trade is completed, please edit the title (only) of the original post so that I can identify it and move it to an archive area.   We've been doing this on the main trade blanket and it works well to protect both parties to the trade/sale later on if any questions arise.  So don't alter the text of your initial post, just add the word "Archive" to the title. 

Happy selling/buying/Trading!


P.S.,  I'm also going to start moving recent sales/trade advertisements over to this new forum.   If I move one that is already closed, please edit the title with the word Archive so I will know to move it.  Also, if I fail to move a sale/trade advertisement over, let me know as well.   To do this, it might be good if you can kick it to the top of the forum by adding the words "Move" to the title.