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Quest for fire
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12 Sep 2017, 11:51 #171

Well crappola,Yuku doesn't like me today,
and proved it's displeasure by refusing to load my Ray Mears Video. 😶
The fact that Yuku is a business not a sentient entity does not assuage my anger.
As that foreign ruler from England would say,"We are not amused". 😑

So I rode down to Tim Horton's saying hello to two very good looking local women.
The fact that one had four children in tow,a very big husband and
the other was young enough to be my daughter did not bother me at all.
Them wimmens was interested. 😉

Darn it all those positive happenings ruined my mood. 😶
Better not ride my bike anymore today. I might break out in a smile. 😆

See you in the Wild.

Quest for Fire


Below is a teaser pic' from that Ray Mears video.
I will try posting it later on. 😉

Quest for fire
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12 Sep 2017, 12:31 #172

You didn't expect for my good mood to last forever did you?
Well you were wrong whatever you thought. 😉

There was this video on Youtube.
It was wondering why people freezing to death hid themselves. 🤔
Well that was hard to figure out. 🙄 I mean if we isolate factors and
eliminate the extraneous then the possible solution is evident.
Notice I said possible. It's only a theory. 🤔

O.K. freezing to death. Eliminate freezing and you have an animal that is dying.
It is not important,except to the animal,how it is dying.
Lots of animals hide themselves when death is imminent.
We do see dead animals but rarely.
I think the only ones we do see died on the spot.
We see mice on the trail occasionaly but not much else.

I think animals hide themselves for simple reasons really.
Maybe to feel enclosed thereby warm and protected.
Perhaps they are afraid on an instinctual level of being eaten while still alive.
We may never know. But is there a way to determine this by experiment?
A wild animal in a large enclosure with sensors upon it.
Maybe only passive sensors such as infrared detectors.
When natural death slowly steals upon it and it hides,
we may be able to see changes such as a modicum of relief.
Maybe a lowering of cortisal level.
Anyway Scientists are very good at such stuff.
I just theorise a lot. 🤔

Hmmm,I feel funny.🤔
Cold all of a sudden and fearful. 😮
Is that angels singing? 😇😇😇😇
Coming lord,wait for me.  😃
As soon as I finish my coffee. 😉

Quest for Fire

Quest for fire
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12 Sep 2017, 21:48 #173

While you were waiting for that Ray Mears video I had supper. 😀
Not as tasty as Ray's but close. 😊

I had canned,refried beans and he had fresh baked crawdads. 🤔...........🤔🤔..........😶
Come to think of it old Ray is a stinker that doesn't like to share. 😉
But I will share his video with you. Type in Ray Mears demonstration trapping crawfish.

As always there is a teaser pic' or two below.

Quest for Fire

Quest for fire
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13 Sep 2017, 10:51 #174

Driving my car today,😶
from one side of the street to the other. 😉
Those pesky parking laws have to be obeyed. 😉

Last night was the opening of my Wynter archery club.
Rode over by bicycle for the first time.
It did the enviroment,car and my waistline a world of good.

I am the lowest of the low there being your basic volunteer.
One year they wanted me for V.P. but everyone should do
what they are best suited to do.

The first night and I was hoping for an easy one.
Six kids and two adults had other ideas on the subject. 😆
We are a teaching club. Our sole reason for being is to teach children.
Adults are allowed to shoot as long as they don't hamper the kids.
Most grown-ups are adult about it. Some adults just aint too grown-up. 😉

Anyway the V.P. came up to me and asked what to do.
He is new it being his first year. I am old,beat up and tired. 😶
So of course I volunteered to teach them all. 😀

They got told that we would hold an informal lesson.
I just didn't have the gumption to teach three groups. 🤗
So the basics were gone over about dominant eye and all
the other crap sometimes of little use to a traditional archer.
But most of those new archers will go on to become compound shooters.😶
Unless I can disuade them of course. 😉

Then the V.P. tells me I have forgotten a few things about safety.
Safety is crucial to me as it should be to everyone.
That is why I teach it last so it is fresh in their minds when they first shoot.
I get cantankerous when interrupted. Especially by people
who didn't know what to do in the first place. 😉

But it all got done and that is what is important.
More volunteers showed up including the secretary who told all the new archers
to show up on our first night when all the staff wouldn't be there yet. 😉
Thoughtful guy is our secretary. 🤔🙄🤔

Eight new archers were taught the basics.
One old flattus got to sit down in a chair and watch them shoot.
My children each and every one including the adults.
Children of the bow. 

Quest for Fire

Robson Valley
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13 Sep 2017, 16:12 #175

I've been bow-fishing for big (25#) Buffalo fish.  Related to Carp.  Heads like coconuts.
They school up like herds of bison, thousands at a time.  Last Mountain Lake, SK.
Bass-ackward water skiing = hit one, sit down and the fish tows the boat around.

Quest for fire
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13 Sep 2017, 18:31 #176

Now that is cool as can be.
I have only ever bow-fished once and that was in my compound bow days.
Nothing against compound bows. I would shoot one tomorrow if a
Golden Eagle bow showed up. I shot one forty metres using fingers.
Three shots in a six inch margarine tub lid. My buddy who knows about
such things said it was as good as somebody shooting with a trigger release.

Never seen a buffalo fish but then I never saw a fruit fly either. 😉
Do you eat bufflers? What about smoking them? 🤔

Quest for Fire


I google imaged Robson Valley plus buffalo fish and angled me a couple of gooduns.

It must be said,🤔
The yellow hoodie doesn't do you justice. 😉

Robson Valley
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13 Sep 2017, 23:22 #177

Those are hilarious!  Yeah we rigged up a smoker from some new trash cans and brined the fish chunks for 24 hrs first.
Alder smoke for 2 days turned out pretty good.  Battered & deep fried some, it was OK too.
Compound bow with a reel, 400# braided line, solid aluminum arrows and threaded Muzzy points.
For anything 20# and bigger, you get them up beside the boat then get their attention with a length of 1.5" iron pipe.
Utter tackle busters alive in the boat.  Clean them with a handsaw.

I timed it = went out in the boat with brother shooting and back with 40# cleaned and headed fish in 5 minutes.

Quest for fire
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14 Sep 2017, 11:35 #178

You mean you whack them poor fishies over the head? 😮
Better than them wrecking the boat. 😉

Off to the Bulk Barn today.
There is a coupon for thirty percent off with many items already fifteen percent off.
Do you even have a Bulk Barn near you? Dried foods mostly. Lots with preservatives which I don't understand. 🤔 I mean they are dried therefor preserved,there is no need for chemicals. But profits speak loudest these days. We will learn,🤔one way😃or the other. 😶

Let us be posiive.
There are a few products that are chemical free.
Most of the herbs are pristine. There is pasta that is acceptable as well.
Almond butter,melasse(molasses) and a few other goodies.

I fool myself that this is a gathering of supplies for the upcoming Wynter.
Herbs to flavor pallid meats,nut spreads for protein when the meat runs out,
maybe soup mixes when the nuts run out.

Hey it keeps me off the streets and out of jail. 😉

There is a certain goverment office that will get visited today as well.
They take my money,give nothing in return and
threaten to take my car if I don't pay up. 😶

Mostly I am paying off the only parking ticket of this biking Season.
Usually there are at least a few. Trying to park on my own street is often impossible. 🤗
According to the budget and my evil plan the bike has to be ridden a further eleven days
to make up for it.

Life can be so hard sometimes. 🙄

Quest for Fire

Quest for fire
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14 Sep 2017, 11:56 #179

Well urinate me off,a word I didn't know.
"si quaeris peninsulam amoenam, circumspice"

The word circumspice in that sentence of utter and complete jabber.
I mean you would think they would let a dead language die. 😉

(Oops excuse me for a moment,Pink is singing.)
She has odd notions of right and wrong but can certainly belt out a tune. 😉 
Pink was invited to sing for the Royal children but declined saying
she couldn't entertain folks who entertained the notion that hunting was O.K.. 🙄

Hey Pink ! Don't bring children into it. 😶
But dat woman gots some pipes on her. 😉

O.K. I,m back.

Apparently that sentence is a state motto with circumspice meaning look around.
I saw it on a police badge which led me to think it meant surveil or surveillance.
Well surveil isn't that far off from look around. 🤔
Give me a break. 😉

Quest for Fire

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14 Sep 2017, 13:53 #180

I like your idea concerning the animals Quest, but I think for it to be effective it would have to be an embedded tracker with the animal in their natural environment (or at least a safari park). Placing a wild animal into a scientific testing area would work as a test group I suppose, with a 3rd group being domesticated animals in their home environment.