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I have to think about it. About good deeds. That' s really amazing fact about Red-lined Garter snake. I thought all snakes changes their skin once a year.

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We had what turned out to be a pregnant female in a very large cage in the Bio Lab ( my past life).  We kept dead frogs in the freezer (frogcicles)
to thaw and feed her.  I forget how often.  They poop like a overfed seagull.  You can't just give her the dead frog, she would drop it.  Instead, you had to play tug-of-war with her so she got the idea(?) that the dead frog was putting up a bit of a struggle.

Then, her skin would look all milky/dusty for a couple of days.  She would soak in her water bowl to soften it and rub it off against a branch/stick, kind of inside out like a sock.

The cage front was 1/4" mesh.  One morning, we found about 15 babies, the size of pencils, all over the lab.  I don't remember what happened to them.
We went out in the country and let her go in a froggy wet ditch.