Survive Et Al! Rocky Mountains Survival Boardgame

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Dear friends,

The long-awaited Survive Et Al! Rocky Mountains edition survival boardgame is now available on our Kickstarter page.  As I say on the page:

The game invented on the floor of a boat in the Amazon jungle.  
“Genius! Awesome! Everyone needs to check out this game.” —Karen Hood,  
“Hands down the most fun and interesting game I have played in my entire life!” 
“A beautiful, educational experience.”  
“Fresh, creative gameplay that requires players to innovate in order to survive.”  
The only thing like it on the market!  

I spent my twenties traveling the country, learning from many of the best survival Instructors in the field.  Teachers like Ron Hood (Woodsmaster Survival DVD series), Christopher Nyerges (How to Survive Anywhere), Jack Spirko (The Survival Podcast), Paul Campbell (The Universal Tool Kit), Cody Lundin (Dual Survivor), Jason Hawk (History Channel's Mountain Men) and various S.E.R.E. and military survival instructors.  I even taught at Rabbitstick.

This idea for this game came on a two-week boat trip up a tributary of the Amazon Jungle. My goal was to make a game to both teach and get people talking about survival. During many long, hot hours of boredom on that small boat, I sat thinking, drawing, and just plain scratching my head. I scribbled on playing cards and notepaper, carving pieces of wood as tokens. In that 100+ degree heat, between meals of beans and rice, I came up with the idea which was the seed for the most realistic family style survival board game to date.  

Please take a moment to visit the page. Then share, like, tell a friend and otherwise spread the word. We need a grassroots fire for this campaign. Thank you! ... -boardgame