Reverse Socketed Spear Foreshaft Build-along

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Reverse Socketed Spear Foreshaft Build-along

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08 Dec 2010, 19:05 #1

this was a post i did recently in the SPEARS thread, but i thought some of you might like to see the hafting portion of it.

is it a spear, a harpoon, a javelin? i dunno, you tell me! actually, i'm calling this a land harpoon. a light throwing spear with a detachable head that is meant to slow down mega fauna....i

i started with a wide thin point i knapped from midnight obsidian.

i matched that to good piece of caribou antler.

shaped that down to the proper dimensions, cut a groove, drilled a hole, and taper drilled the back end.

then, i set the point with PPG.

and secured with sinew.

i then matched the finished foreshaft to a tapered and fire hardened red oak shaft.

a few other embellishments and.....ta da! my 'whatsit' is complete!

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09 Dec 2010, 00:06 #2

Great tutorial! I've always wanted to make a harpoon kind of thing but i never knew how. But now i know, thanks!!