Primitive Summer Gathering East Oxford NY

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[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Primitive Summer Gathering East[/font]
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']July 4-7 2013[/font]
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Oxford Rod and Gun Club, 215 Ingraham Rd [/font]
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Oxford , NY  13830  [/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF][/font]
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Vendors and demonstrators[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'] are welcome[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'] to this fun filled 4th of July event.  [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']We welcome all educators to come demonstrate. Knappers, re-enactors, primitive archers, Native American, and all [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']the rest, come show all[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'].  The knowledge needs to be passed.  [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']There is [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']no vending fee[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'].[/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF] [/font]

[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']A donation to the club is welcome but not required.  Any vendors or demonstrators please contact[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']  AJ Bagg (607)244-0711[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'] pre-registration before June 1, 2013 appreciated due to advertising and space planning purposes.  Contact AJ ASAP if you want to be advertised.  [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']This is a public event[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'].  We just want an idea of who is interested.  Pre-registration is not required but it helps a set up plan.[/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF][/font]

We will have
[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']4 full days of ISAC[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'], unlimited 40 target woods 3D course ($15.00 for the  entire event), Running Deer, Charging Boar, night time Coon Hunt,  Practice Range, long range targets including a full size 3D elk, aerial  shooting. [/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF][/font]

[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']There are 2 ISAC targets that are available anytime a flight gets together.  Scheduled ISAC tournaments are at 11am and 5 pm, all 4 days.[/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF] [/font]

[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']The club is having a [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']B[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']lack Powder Shoot[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'] on Sunday July 7.  The club welcomes all black powder shooters for this. 3D course will be closed for safety, during this shoot. Contact:  Jim VanGiesen (607) 656-8882. [/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF][/font]

[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Primitive camping[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'] [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']is abundant. We are [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']NICE dog friendl[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']y[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'].  It’s great to sit around the fire, telling tall tales. The kitchen will be open for basic breakfast and lunch Fri, Sat, and Sun.  There will also be a central cooking fire burning through the event for all to use. If you want to share, we welcome all donations to feed the group.  No one has ever gone hungry.[/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF] [/font]

[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Not an atlatlist, [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']bring your bow[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'].  We would love to have the [/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']traditional archers[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF'] join us for some friendly competition.   [/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF][/font]
[font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF]All are welcome[/font][font='TIMES NEW ROMAN', SERIF][/font]