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When entering into a trade or agreement for sale here on PaleoPlanet – the buyer and seller are solely responsible for the transaction.   The PaleoPlanet administrators can’t and won’t mediate disputes between parties , so it’s up to you to set up the transaction in a way that will insure a smooth and happy exchange.

That said, I would like to know about any bad experience you’ve had with sales/trades here on PaleoPlanet so that if someone has come here to victimize our group, I will learn of it quickly and be able to take action to see that it stops and to refer parties to appropriate federal or state  law enforcement agencies (if here in the U.S. - or suggest equivalent agencies in other countries).

 Anyway, below are some things to think about when making purchases or trades here or anywhere on the internet.  This is only meant to be a guide to get folks thinking along these lines.  Problems here on the Planet are very few and far between. 

 Lack of communication, especially before the trade is initiated, probably contributes to a few disputes.  Here are some things to consider:  

 1.      Work out who will pay for shipping?  By what means will it be shipped?  Insurance?  What happens if the package is lost in the mail?  Who’s responsible?

 2.      Specify a date for shipping and an approximate ETA for the shipped package as near as you can. Even if you can't specify an exact date, give a range such as a week or two for an example.

 3.      If it is custom work to be done, it is probably a good idea to expect it may take a little longer than the normal trade, but again that should be spelled out specifically in the initial trade agreement.

4.      Describe as completely as you can your trade item: i.e.....what is the condition? it new, used?....handmade, commercial?...

 5.      If the trade is monetary specify what type ...., MO, PayPal, etc .

 6.      Specify what type of communications you prefer and do not prefer and best times to contact .

 7.      If extenuating circumstances arrive that do not permit you to fulfill your part of the bargain, communicate exactly why to the other party, and refund any previous payments or trades that may have been already made.

 8.      Remember that the people you are e-mailing are no different people than if you were making the transaction live.....would you say the same things to them live that you write in your e-mails? respectful !

 9.      If there are problems and you feel you’ve been ripped off or scammed, let one of the administrators know privately so that we can keep tabs on such matters and be better able to detect a predator on the forum.

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After some discussion with Tom (the founder) and the other admins, we've come up with a long overdue update to the tradeblanket specific "rules".

To all Paleoplanet members, please read the following before participating in trades on the tradeblanket.

The tradeblanket was created as a convenience for PP members by providing a specific area where people could go to trade (rather than have posts in each of the subject specific forums). Paleoplanet, it's owner Tom (paleoaleo), and the appointed admins, are not actively involved in any aspects of the trading between individual members. In fact, we pretty much stay out of things other than to insist on the general PP "2 rules", on a few tradeblanket specific rules (see Tom' s post about not deleting or "blank editing"posts etc...) that serve to protect both buyers and sellers, as well as a few basic things that help us with the day to day duties of archiving posts (changing titles when a trade is finished) etc...  As such, please be aware that trades are contractual agreements solely between the individuals involved, and that neither PP, its owner, nor the administrators are involved in or implicitly approve of any trade.

However, it has come to our attention that there are a few issues that we need to address regarding items with variable legal status in different geographic areas, and items where the transfer of ownership itself requires legal documentation. Specifically;

1) firearms:  Due to the complexities of legally transferring firearms, we must insist that trades involving firearms not be conducted on PP.  Any trade post either offering or requesting a firearm will be deleted.  Our suggestion is that, if you want to transfer a firearm, you speak to a local gun shop or other FFL holder to consult with them on how to do so legally.

1a)  Same thing applies to Alcohol (which requires a license to sell), and finished Tobacco products (this doesn't include seeds).  Basically anything that the ATF regulates is too much of a legal pain in the rear to be allowed for sale/trade here on PP.

2) Animal parts: It is the responsibility of the members conducting the trade to ensure that it is fully legal to sell/trade the applicable animal part in their location, and that it's legal to ship into the receiver's location as well as for the receiver to own said parts. Unfortunately, the applicable laws are so numerous and complicated that neither Paleoplanet nor the admins can offer any advice other than "if there's any question look it up or ask your local fish and game department".

3) Trades with Minors: While this generally isn't common issue, it would be a VERY good idea for anyone trading anything that could potentially be considered a weapon (knives, bows, arrows, slings, axes, atl-atl's... you get the picture), plants or fungi that would be dangerous if used incorrectly, or basically anything that could in any way shape or form be harmful to require parental involvement in the trade (i.e. the trade is actually between two legal adults, not a minor and an unrelated adult). We do have a large number of members who are very mature and responsible minors, but please be respectful of that fact that you are dealing with someone else's child and ensure that their parents are informed and approve of the trade.

4) Fraud: All trades must be conducted in full compliance with all applicable shipping and customs regulations. It is NOT ok to ask or expect the person you're trading with to falsify a customs form or shipping manifest. That is a crime. Any member requesting that their trade partner commit a crime will be banned.  Other than that, just make sure that both parties are on the same page regarding who is paying for what, how things are to be shipped, timing, etc...

Basically, neither PP, its owner, nor the admins can assume any role or responsibility in any trade.  Know the laws applicable to your trade and follow them.  If anyone asks you to do otherwise, please let an admin know.

And to address a subject that seems to be a recurring issue, while the bulk of items traded here on PP are "paleo" in nature, trades are in no way shape or form limited to "paleo" items. People should feel free to trade anything that they think would be of interest to people involved with "paleo" crafts or lifestyles.

In general, if you're respectful of your fellow PP members and keep your trades fair, you'll grow a good reputation that will benefit you in future trades.
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