Photos in Tutorials - Please Read

Michael Bootz
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Michael Bootz
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January 2nd, 2016, 1:12 pm #1

One of the major drawbacks of Yuku is also one of the big Problems on PaleoPlanet:
Because photos are stored in individual user accounts (instead of in the topics themselves), whenever a user deletes photos, they disappear from the posts of that user.
This of course takes away much (if not all) the information that was contained in the respective posts. This is especially true for tutorials, which can become totally useless without the photos.

So we're kindly asking everyone posting a tutorial to please consider this. Tutorials contain valuable information for all members of PlaeoPlanet and we want them to be permanent.
When you post a tutorial, please make sure that you don't delete the photos in the future!
If you cannot guarantee that the photos will remain in whatever account (Yuku, Photobucket, any image hoster) you use or if you absolutely have to free some space in your photo hosting account, then please contact any PaleoPlanet administrator!

We will copy the photos of your tutorial(s) over to a separate image hosting account that is maintained by us and will exchange the photo links in the tutorial!

Please help us conserve the tutorials on PaleoPlanet to retain the information they contain!

Thank you,
The PaleoPlanet administrators