PaleoPlanet Calendar - Link and info

PaleoPlanet Calendar - Link and info

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Howdy folks. Many of you might not know this, but we have a great calendar function here on the Planet. It's open for any member to use. If you have an event or know of a good "Paleo" related event, you should post it on the calendar. It's one of the good features of Yuku in my opinion.

You'll find the calendar on the main PaleoPlanet page (just click on the word PaleoPlanet - up and to the left - and you'll be taken to the main page. Scroll down nearly to the bottom and you'll see the word "calendar" on the left side, in the Community Statistic's box.

here's a direct link to the Calendar:

PaleoPlanet Calendar

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Your website is wonderful, and you have built an amazing community here. Kudos to you and everyone who makes this great!

Just one question about the calendar and events site. If you post to the calendar, does it automatically get posted on the Events page? (Or viceversa?)

Let me know if you get a chance.

Take care and again, thanks for an easily navigable site that is hugely helpful and awesome!

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I'm unable to edit an event I created? any chance of fixing that?


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Thanx for the tip Tom !

Just did put up two courses in the Calendar! Yeupp.....just wait and see if someone bites the hook.....hihihi.

Thanx also for all your great work you put in to get this website to get born. You are the best !

Stay safe stonebroh ...

Alexander Ravenna.