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I have two nice osage staves I'd be willing to sell or trade. Here's a photo of the two staves I'm offering.

The one on the left is 60 inches long, 2+ inches wide over its entire length, 1-1/8 inches thick at its midpoint, and was cut and split in 2013 so it's both dry and fully seasoned. The outer ring is just a little concave over part of the stave's back, though the concavity isn't too bad. I count 5 pin knots on the stave's back, and all but one are on an edge and won't likely end up in the finished bow. As you can see in the photo, there's a bit of a snake in the stave towards the larger end. Here's a photo from the end so you can see the stave's ring structure.

The stave on the right is also 60 inches long, is 2-3/4 inches + over its entire length, and 1-1/4 inches thick at its mid point. It was cut and split in May 2015 so it is dry but not yet seasoned. The outer ring has a modest crown that is even over the stave's length, and while there are quite a few pin knots most are near the edges and you shouldn't end up with more than half a dozen in the finished bow. If you have a bandsaw and tend to make narrow bows, you might be able to saw this in half and get two bows from it. Here's a photo of the end so you can see the stave's ring structure.

If you're interested in buying, I'd sell the narrower stave that has a little snake in it for $100 + shipping, and the wider straight stave for $125 + shipping. I'm also open to trades, and would particularly love to get my hands on some nice, seasoned, straight staves of dense wood since I've been working a lot of character-laden osage lately. The dimensions of my ideal stave are 60 inches long by 2-1/2 inches wide by 1-1/4 inches thick, but longer, wider or thicker staves will be considered. To be clear, I'm interested in primo staves, not 2nd quality, and I'm very picky so please don't take it personally if I turn your trade offer down. PM me if you'd like to talk trade, or have some questions.
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