New Videos - Making a Primitive Cane Arrow

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New Videos - Making a Primitive Cane Arrow

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I was filming some stuff about making pine pitch and hafting points the other day.� I had some extra space on the video, so I made a cane arrow and filmed it.� It's not the greatest, but it starts with straightening the cane (Arundo donax), and cutting a simple nock.� Then Chapter 2 is hafting a stone point in a foreshaft.� Chapter 3 is fitting the foreshaft to the mainshaft, fletching the arrow, and some quick and dirty decoration.

Most of you guys make arrows that are a million times better than mine, but I made the videos for the Youtube audience primarily - who are often new folks and who were asking me to do an arrow making thing.� So take it for what it is...just a simple beginner thing.� These videos work well to attract new folks to these primitive past-times.

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:

Chapter Three:


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Very nice. Excellent!

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Thankyou very much for posting these videos Tom. Very interesting.


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To, Thanks for sharing your excellent cane arrowe building video with us. I enjoy seeing how other arrowsmiths make their equipment. Was the powdered hide glue you put in your mouth to mix with saliva, Knox powdered gelatin? Like the curved wood block with a groove to bend and tweak the heatened shaft. I noticed that you didn't rub any grease or tallow on the parts of the shaft before heating. Is Arundo donax moist enough to not require it ? I think I got some donax fromJoe Dabil at Winter Count years ago. Have you used granite rocks with transverse grooves in them for more primitive demonstrations? These asre heated in the coals of a fire and removed with tongs and used toheat and bend the shaft. I understand that this informative video was aimed at the beginner and a fine job you did. Thanks. P.S. - I like your T-shirt. WAA!

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I'm moving this to the top so Remmington22 can get the information easier.

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