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Hi folks.  Just a heads up.  Instead of deleting the sales/trade threads here, we're going to archive them.  When your sale or exchange is complete, please  edit the TITLE ONLY of your post to include the word "[ARCHIVE]" and the administrators will move it off to be archived in the archive area.   

Please Don't Delete the Text of your Ad when the Sale/Trade is Over

We are archiving these for the protection of all parties should some question be raised later on.   If you delete or alter the text of your initial advertisement, it sort of makes it pointless to archive them.  It might also look suspect to those going to view the old archived advertisements when deciding to deal with you or not.   The more out in the open everyone is, the better for all! 

So just add the word [ARCHIVE] to the title of the post when it's ready to go.

Also:  The Flintknapping tradeblanket archive is, like the "regular" tradeblanket archive, going to be a "read-only" forum.  If you want to contact the seller regarding something you see there, you won't be able to do a reply post.  Please PM the seller directly if you need to contact them about anything you see in the archive.


Eric (Knifesmith) [and btw I totally stole the text of this from Tom's well worded post over on the regular trade blanket]
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If you notice folks deleting their posts in the trade blanket areas, please bring it to the admin team's attention.